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WE HAVE NOW entered the final stretch of winter. And although warmer temps are in sight, there’s still at least a month of prime stay-at-home time to go. So, why not spend the final month of hibernation breezing through the best series and films that streaming services have to offer, wine in hand, popcorn in place. You deserve it.

Committing to a night in is one thing, figuring out what to actually watch is another — and one that’s far more difficult than it sounds. After all, most people now have a subscription to multiple streaming services (guilty as charged), and unbridled access to thousands of movies and shows right at their fingertips. It can all be a bit daunting, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered this August.

Fancy some insight into the infamous trial by social media that followed Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s court proceedings? Then Depp v Heard is the right fit for you. Swooning over Paul Mescal but dejected by the news of Gladiator 2’s delay? Check out Aftersun for your fix. Still trying to fill the void that Game of Thrones left in your heart? The Winter King will be right up your alley.

What’s coming to Netflix in August?

Netflix Original Documentaries:

Depp V Heard – August 16

Johnny Depp’s defamation case against Amber Heard garnered attention for all the wrong reasons. In what was a difficult and messy situation for all those involved, the court of public opinion took over proceedings, with every butcher, baker and candle stick maker giving their two cents on the case. This Netflix limited series uses 200 hours of live-streamed testimonies and coverage from both mainstream news and self-proclaimed social media lawyers to provide a previously unseen insight into the drama.

Untold: Jake Paul the Problem Child – August 1

Mark Cavendish: Never Enough – August 2

Netflix Original Series:

The Lincoln Lawyer: season 2, part 2 – August 3

Fisk – August 1

Heartstopper: season 2 – August 3

Zombieverse – August 8

At Home With the Fury’s – August 16

Netflix Original Films:

Soulcatcher – August 2

Head to Head – August 3

10 Days of a Bad Man – August 18

Killer Book Club – August 25

Licensed Content:

M3GAN – August 12

Suicide Squad – August 15

Gladiator – August 16

What’s coming to Disney+ in August?

Star Wars: Ahsoka – August 23

Combine an esteemed franchise with a fresh show focusing on a beloved original character and you have a surefire recipe for success. Ahsoka is the latest Star Wars series to land on Disney+ and looks set to be the franchises next bingeworthy smash hit. Focusing on Ahsoka Tano, the show follows the former Jedi Padawan as she searches for old friends and investigates an emerging threat to galaxy.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 – August 2

The Greatest Showman – August 14

Only Murders in the Building: season 3 – August 8

Back to the Titanic – August 21

What’s coming to Stan in August?

The Winter King – August 21

If you loved Game of Thrones or Vikings, then The Winter King is perfect for you. Based on The Warlord Chronicles series, The Winter King reimagines the tale of the legendary King Arthur, tracing his journey from forgotten outcast to warrior king. We know what you’re thinking ‘I’ve heard this story before’, and while that may be true, The Winter King promises to inject contemporary storytelling flavour an unforgettable fable of courage, sacrifice and passion.

Billions: Season 7 – August 12

Killing it: Season 2 – August 18

Lucky! – coming soon

What’s coming to Amazon Prime Video in August?


Kandahar – August 18

After finding himself stuck in hostile territory with his mission exposed, a CIA operative (played by Gerard Butler) must trek across Afghanistan to reach safety. Accompanied by his translator, he must face enemies both physical and mental as he forges a path to an extraction point. Travil Fimmel also features as a CIA handler – and we recommend watching anything the Aussie thespian lends his talents to.

Spider-Man extravaganza: The Amazing Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3, Spider-Man: Homecoming – all on August 1

Red, White and Royal Blue – August 11

Operation Fortune: Ruse De Guerre – August 24

Beautiful Disaster – August 25


The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart – August 4

Cruel Summer: Season 2 – August 11

The Killing Vote – August 11

What’s coming to Binge in August?


Aftersun – August 24

Aftersun premiered late last year to much critical acclaim and fanfare, earning Paul Mescal an Oscar nomination for best actor. A tragic replaying of a young girl’s final memories of her father, Aftersun will make you laugh out loud and sob without restraint—best to watch this one from the safety of your own home, away from the judging gaze of other movie-goers.

The Lost King – August 1

There’s Something Wrong With The Children – August 1

The Old Way – August 1

M3GAN – August 12

Missing – August 26


Winning Time: The Rise Of The Lakers Dynasty: Season 2 – August 6

The Trouble With KanYe — August 9

Outlander: Season 7 finale — August 12

Warrior: Season 3 finale – August 17

What’s coming to Apple TV+ in August?

Invasion: Season 2 – August 23

If you thought we’d all collectively had enough of the tried and tested trope of an alien species invading earth and subjecting our planets inhabitants to untold horror’s—you’d be dead wrong. That’s because Invasion’s first season was a massive success, and the second season is set to continue expanding the shows universe. Yes, there really is nothing better than watching humanity struggle against annihilation for the umpteenth time from the comfort of your couch.

Strange Planet –August 9

Physical: Season3 – August 2

Wanted: The Escape Of Carlos Ghosn — August 25