WHETHER YOU’RE READY OR NOT, we are now deep into spooky season, and it’s time we start acting like it. Halloween may not be as big of a deal in Australia as it is in North America, but Australians’ love for spooky films is unrivalled. Whether you’re the type of person that goes all-out on elaborate costumes, or the kind that would prefer to stay at home cosied up on the couch, a good film can make or break your Halloween.

But with so many on offer, it can difficult to decide what to watch. From classic horror films that send shivers down your spine to family-friendly adventures filled with witches and monsters, in this meticulously curated guide, we’ll walk you through the most hauntingly captivating films available to stream, ensuring your October nights are filled with on-screen and off-screen treats.

Whether you’re a fan of ghoulish horror, heartwarming tales, or bone-chilling mysteries, there’s something for everyone on streaming services right now. So grab your popcorn, cosy up with a warm blanket, and let the countdown to Halloween night begin.

What are the best Halloween movies to stream?

Get Out

Available on: Netflix, Binge and Amazon Prime Video

Get Out is nothing short of a modern horror masterpiece that seamlessly blends social commentary with spine-tingling suspense. Jordan Peele’s directorial debut offers a thought-provoking exploration of racism and white privilege while delivering heart-pounding thrills, making it a perfect choice for a Halloween film night.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a horror classic that has left an indelible mark on the genre since its release in 1974. This iconic film plunges viewers directly into a nightmarish world of relentless terror as a group of friends encounters a family of sadistic cannibals in the eery Texas countryside. Leatherface has to be up there with the scariest cinematic villains of all time.


Available on: Netflix, Stan and Amazon Prime Video

If its name didn’t already give you a hint, allow us to clarify that Halloween is the quintessential Halloween film. This iconic horror flick follows the relentless pursuit of the masked killer Michael Myers, as he terrorises a small town on Halloween night. Known for its suspenseful atmosphere and terrifying villain, the film sparked an expansive franchise and launched Jamie Lee Curtis’ career.

The Addams Family

Available on: Stan, Binge and Amazon Prime Video

Given the recent success of Wednesday, The Addams Family is going to be at the top of many people’s Halloween watchlists this year. The film that introduced the iconic Wednesday Addams—as well as a full cast of similarly enigmatic characters— to the big screen, is a timeless Halloween classic that brilliantly captures the quirky and macabre humour of Charles Addams’ beloved cartoons.


Available on: Netflix

Just when critics were saying the horror scene was dying down in 2018, Hereditary arrived and revitalised the genre. Director Ari Aster’s fresh storytelling and Toni Collette’s unforgettable performance make this a must-watch for any Halloween film marathon. Fair warning though, this is the kind of film that stays with you—or haunts you—long after the credits roll.


Available on: Binge

For those looking to gaze into yesteryear for their fixing of horror, Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 masterpiece, Psycho, remains the clearest choice. This iconic psychological thriller, centred around the enigmatic Norman Bates and his eery motel, continues to captivate audiences today. Come on, that shower scene will always be terrifying.

A Quiet Place

Available on: Netflix, Stan and Amazon Prime Video

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live in a world where whispering could mean the difference between life and death, A Quiet Place will show you what it’s like, and have you hoping your popcorn doesn’t crunch too loudly. John Krasinski directs and stars in this unique take on monster horror.

The Shining

Available on: Netflix

Every year on Halloween, “Here’s Johnny” becomes an adequate icebreaker, The Shining is why. Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of Stephen King’s novel is a classic, and one of the most critically and commercially successful horror films of all time. Jack Nicholson provides a masterclass in going mad in this unforgettable fright night experience.

The Conjuring

Available on: Netflix

You know what makes a scary film even scarier? When the words “based on a true story” flash before your eyes underneath the opening title. The Conjuring has it all, an evil spirit hell-bent on projecting its wrath, a team of ghostbusters who don’t stand a chance, and enough scares to have you sleeping with the lights on for quite some time.


Available on: Binge, Amazon Prime Video and Stan

Wes Craven’s masterstroke redefined the horror genre, proving that a fright flick could be both scary and hilariously self-aware. It’s the ultimate Halloween film for those who appreciate their screams with a side of humour. This whodunnit rollercoaster, complete with a killer sporting the legendary ghostface mask, is a bloody love letter to all things horror, with an A-list cast proving that screaming can be photogenic.

Totally Killer

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

New to Amazon Prime Video this month (just in time for spooky season) is Totally Killer. Set 35 years after a trio of murders, a killer returns to claim another victim. But when the main character encounters the killer, she’s sent back in time, where she must confront the same enemy—with the aid of a younger version of her own mother, of course.


Available on: Apple TV+ (to rent), Amazon Prime Video (to rent)

Beetlejuice is the supernatural rollercoaster you never knew your Halloween night needed. With Tim Burton’s signature quirky charm and Michael Keaton’s uproarious performance as the delightfully deranged titular character, this film is a perfect brew of spookiness and chaos.

Rosemary’s Baby

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

Rosemary’s Baby is the kind of film that will make you question the wisdom of moving into a charming New York City apartment with mysterious neighbours, a history of strange occurrences, and an unsettling appearances of the occult—if that was something you were considering, that is.


Available on: Netflix and Binge

M3GAN is the film that dares to ask, ‘how can a standard Halloween horror flick be made even scarier?’ The answer? With a sinister, sentient doll with attitude. This newly released chiller combines the unsettling charm of vintage doll horror with a high-tech twist that’ll leave you questioning the safety of your own smart devices. 


Available on: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Binge

It is the kind of horror film that reminds us that sometimes the scariest monsters are the ones lurking in our own backyard, or in this case, the sewers. An adaptation of another Stephen King classic, It follows the so-called ‘Losers Club’ as they confront an ancient, shapeshifting clown. Nightmare fuel.


Available on: Stan

Poltergeist is really a cautionary tale for purchasing real estate. A family moves into their dream home, only to discover that the built-in amenities include restless spirits, poltergeists, and a portal to the unknown. Get ready to be thrilled, chilled, and reminded why it’s always a good idea to perform a séance before signing that mortgage.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Available on: Disney+

Sure, Tim Burton’s classic musical fantasy film is technically a Christmas flick, but it’s impossible to dismiss its spookier elements. For that reason, we’re including it on this list. A dual Christmas and Halloween classic to watch with the whole family, The Nightmare Before Christmas features just enough laughs and musical numbers to balance out the screams.


Available on: Binge

Coraline is the kind of film that makes you wonder how anyone could ever trust people with buttons for eyes. This stop-motion gem is a wickedly imaginative journey into a parallel world where the grass isn’t always greener on the other side, especially when your “other mother” insists on sewing buttons into your eyes. Coraline will have you knocking on your own walls in case they lead to an enchanted garden.

Night of the Living Dead

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

Night of the Living Dead is the granddaddy of all zombie flicks, a true classic that’s been terrifying audiences and influencing filmmakers since its debut in 1968. The film oozes with slow-moving, brain-hungry ghouls—although the word ‘zombie’ is never actually said—and adds a surprising touch of commentary on race relations in the late 1960’s. A perfect combination for any successful horror flick.


Available on: Amazon Prime Video and Binge

Hot tip for any prospective pornographic filmmakers: don’t shoot a scene in a run down farm house in the desolate landscape of rural Texas. Things will go horribly wrong, as X teaches us. Mia Goth and Jenna Ortega star in this slasher, which has sparked two sequels. Even Kid Cudi makes an appearance.


The Babadook

Available on: Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

This Australian-made horror flick shows us how to turn a children’s pop-up book into a full-blown nightmare. Forget trick-or-treating, because after watching this, you’ll be double-checking your closet and sleeping with the lights on for weeks. The Babadook himself is like the love child of Mary Poppins and Freddy Krueger. A horrifying mix.

Edward Scissorhands

Available on: Disney+

Yes, Tim Burton has yet another film on this list—the guy is an auteur of everything gothic, after all. Edward Scissorhands is the perfect Halloween treat for those who like their horror with garden shears. Johnny Depp’s unforgettable portrayal of the titular character, an unfinished creation with scissors for hands, is both heart-warming and slightly disturbing. This film is a hauntingly beautiful reminder that sometimes, the most unexpected hero can be a man with blades for fingers.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

Available on: Binge

Classic. Classic. Classic. Freddy Krueger, the man of your worst dreams, sports a fashion sense that’s all blades and fedora, making him the horror genre’s most dapper slasher. He terrorises teenagers in their dreams, and unless you play your cards right, he could soon end up in your own nightmares.

Hocus Pocus

Available on: Disney+

This enchanting tale of three sister witches, mistakenly resurrected by a trio of kids with more curiosity than common sense, is a certifiable Disney classic. Hocus Pocus is a timeless brew of supernatural sorcery and spooky vibes that make it the ideal family Halloween film.


Available on: Netflix

We’re fairly certain that Orphan set back the adoption industry a few decades. This chilling tale of a recently adopted young girl with a dark past has an uncanny ability to send shivers down your spine. Orphan is particularly scary for that class of people who insist they have a fear of children. Before dismissing that phobia, watch this film first.

The Sixth Sense

Available on: Disney+

M. Night Shyamalan’s late 90’s hit is a cinematic séance, where whispers of the supernatural echo through the corridors of your mind long after you finish watching. With a plot twist that will have you second guessing your mortality, this film reminds us that sometimes the real horrors are the ones we can’t see coming.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Available on: Disney+

Step into the fabulous, freaky, and fishnet-clad world of The Rocky Horror Picture Show this Halloween, where the spookiness is as seductive as it is surreal. This cult classic is the ultimate fusion of B-movie brilliance and musical mayhem. Just remember: for the love of Frank-N-Furter, leave your inhibitions at the door.


Available on: Amazon Prime Video

Teen angst and telekinetic powers are quite the duo as it turns out. This horror classic serves up a high school prom night from hell, sprinkled with buckets of pig’s blood, fiery vengeance, and a dash of supernatural chaos. As we all know, nothing says spooky season quite like a misunderstood telekinetic teen unleashing her inner fury.

Paranormal Activity

Available on: Binge and Amazon Prime Video

This found-footage scare-fest will have you questioning every creak in your floorboards, seeing shadows and flinching after every flicker of your bedroom light. Give Paranormal Activity a try and you’ll be setting up a camera in your room. Just in case.

The Haunted Mansion

Available on: Disney+

Everyone loves Eddie Murphy, right? With a supernatural twist on the traditional family road trip, Murphy leads us on a hilarious journey through a spectral mansion in this Disney classic, which was rebooted earlier this year.

The Exorcist

Available on: Amazon Prime Video

The Exorcist is up there with the scariest of horror films. And the mysterious occurrences on the set of the film only add to its terrifying aura. With more spinning heads than you can shake a crucifix at, this nightmare-inducing thriller was hugely influential, and will certainly set the tone for spooky season.


Available on: Binge and Amazon Prime Video

Smile ticks all the horror movie boxes. Demonic spirits, jump scares and plenty of blood are the hallmarks of the genre, and they’re all present here. After her patients keep exhibiting unexplainably horrific symptoms, Dr Rose Cotter is confronted with an overwhelming terror that she must conquer if she is to escape her hellish reality.


Available on: Stan and Amazon Prime Video

The seminal piece of work in a celebrated franchise that now encompasses ten films, the original Saw might be the most grounded of the timeline, but it’s also the best. Like a mortifyingly real game of would you rather, Saw basically invented body horror. While it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, it’s undeniably a cult classic.

The Thing

Available on: Binge

John Carpenter’s masterful 1982 sci-fi horror extravaganza takes the ‘don’t trust anyone’ adage to its extremes. When a mysterious shape-shifting alien force infiltrates an Antarctic research station, paranoia and dread promptly ensue as the survivors must battle their enemy, the elements, and their own suspicions. With cutting edge practical effects and psychological suspense that lingers longer than an Antarctic snowstorm, some would say The Thing is the best horror film of all time (it’s me, I say that).


Available on: Netflix and Binge

The title of Nope is telling, isn’t it? Because that’s what you’ll be saying out loud at various stages of this film. Director Jordan Peele will once again have you reconsidering everything from your own reflection to that inexplicable creaking noise in the middle of the night. Trust your gut on the latter.


Available on: Amazon Prime Video

Suspiria is a lesson in fear-fuelled artistry. It’s a goosebump-inducing blend of supernatural suspense and avant-garde aesthetics. So, if you dare to delve into the macabre mysteries of a dance academy that’s more sinister than a coven, Suspiria is your ticket to a Halloween night that will leave you spellbound—or possibly just bound.

Hubie Halloween

Available on: Netflix

We’ve been through plenty of scares, a few heart warmers, and even some musicals. Let’s finish up our guide with a lighter entry, Adam Sandler’s Hubie Halloween. Sweet, comforting, and absolutely essential for getting into the Halloween spirit, Adam Sandler dons a thermos as his trusty sidekick as he attempts to solve a town’s spooky mystery.


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