THE FOUR years or so that Donald J. Trump spent in the White House (and, to be honest, everything that’s happened since) were so batshit crazy it felt like all of us were immersed in some horrific dystopian fever dream. Historians will no doubt pick through the rubble of Trump’s presidency for generations to come, but for filmmakers, just about any randomly selected month from his four years in office would probably provide enough fodder to make a feature length film.

Now, after what has felt like a surprisingly long time given Hollywood’s habit of serialising everything at warp speed, the first Trump biopic is reportedly on the way, with Sebastian Stan apparently in line to don the wig and the spray tan to play the wannabe despot—albeit a younger version of him. The name of the movie? The Apprentice.

But just what on earth will it actually be about, and more importantly, how do those involved plan to bring someone who is quite literally a cartoon movie villain as it is to the screen? Here’s what we know—including a sneak peek at Stan as the man in question.

What is The Apprentice about?

As the name implies, The Apprentice is shying away from the Trump presidency altogether, instead portraying the early years of a budding young tycoon who, with that famed million-dollar loan from his father, actually grew to become one of the most popular billionaires in America. 

Per The Hollywood Reporter, it’ll unpack the relationships Trump embarked on during his rise through New York’s elite in the ‘70s and ‘80s, including that with his father, including all the power, corruption and deception that came along with it. In particular, it’ll hone in on the partnership he formed with Roy Kohn, the lawyer and prosecutor who would eventually come to both represent and mentor him.
Directed by Border and Holy Spider filmmaker Ali Abbasi, it’ll be based on a script penned by himself and famed political author and Vanity Fair correspondent Gabriel Sherman, who most recently had his Fox News biography The Loudest Voice turned into a serial TV drama starring Russell Crowe.

Who stars in The Apprentice?

Jeremy Strong | SUCCESSION / HBO

The film will see the return of past Abbasi collaborator Sebastian Stan back into the limelight for the first time since his turn as Tommy Lee in the much-acclaimed Pam & Tommy biopic. On December 5, Stan was pictured all dressed up as the infamous former U.S. President while shooting on set. His Trump transformation saw a blonde Stan don a suit, tie and long black coat — while munching on a burger, in acknowledgement of his love for fast food. See the unrecognisable Stan pics here.

He’ll be joined by Succession’s Jeremy Strong as lawyer and Trump mentor Roy Kohn, and the Borat sequel’s Maria Bakalova, who’s set to play Ivana. 

The Apprentice’s release date

With principal filming having only just started, The Apprentice is yet to receive a firm release date.


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