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AUBREY GRAHAM, more formally known as Drake, may have just sent the music world into downright hysteria one final time this year.

Announcing on Instagram his newest project Scary Hours 3 less than 24 hours ago, Team Drizzy fans can get keen for an imminent release with album set to drop at midnight on November 17, EST—that’s 4pm on November 18 for those on Australia’s east coast. The previous chapters in the Scary Hours series were EPs, with its debut premiering in 2018 and Scary Hours 2 dropping in 2021.

A two-minute visual released on Champagnepapi’s Instagram includes a monologue from the man himself, providing followers with some insight into his current creative genius, or at least—that’s what he thinks.

“I’ll say this to you, I feel no need to appease anyone, I feel so confident about the body of work I just dropped I know I can disappear for 6 months, a year, two years even though I’m not really into the super lengthy disappearances for the sake of mystery.”

He continued: “I feel like I’m in that mental state without doing anything. I did those songs in the last five days. I didn’t have one bar written down for those songs on the night that ‘For All the Dogs’ dropped. It’s not like I’m picking up from some unfinished shit. You know, this is just happening on its own. And who am I to fight it?”

Why are fans so surprised by this announcement?

The news has sent fans into a frenzy, more than understandable given just a few weeks ago Champagnepapi announced he was planning on taking “maybe a year” off music due to having the “craziest problems” with his stomach. Yikes. But, perhaps the pain has subsided—or at least, long enough for him to want to finish 2023 with an absolute album bang—with Scary Hours 3 just…hours away from release


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