IF YOU’VE ever dreamed of fighting baddies in the Wild West or perilously trekking through South America to source a rare skull diamond — you might be in luck. You can now emulate the swashbuckling archaeology professor Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford), or his goddaughter Helena Shaw (played by Phoebe Waller-Bridge) for that matter, with a selection of ever-so sharp accessories — think Indy’s iconic satchel — when the new Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny film hits cinemas.

While production companies have long created tie-in merchandise to supplement ticket sales or drive hype — think the Harry Potter series (I, for one, shamelessly own Harry’s wand) — the new Indiana Jones merch is a little pricier than the standard film figurine.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny costume designer Joanna Johnston, in partnership with British luxury leather goods maker Métier, have launched a line of meticulously-crafted bags and small leather goods for the biggest of Indy fans, or simply those wanting to play the main character of their own kick-ass adventure story. “Before I started prepping for the film, I’d seen a reference to Indiana Jones on Métier’s Instagram – and, being slightly obsessed with leather goods and travel, I wondered if there was something to be had between us,” Johnston shared of her early design beginnings, when meeting with Métier co-founder Melissa Morris.

Métier x Indiana Jones water bottle holder
Métier x Indiana Jones Vagabond duffle Marrakech Suede

The very special, limited-edition Indiana Jones range is imbued with exclusive and Indy-esque rugged details — ensuring each piece is not only one-of-a-kind but at classic Hollywood-approved prices. The Vagabond Duffle ($5,650), Vagabond Messenger ($4,550) and Runaway ($2,450) bags, are amongst Métier’s most expensive, designed with Marrakech suede — and extraordinarily also made with patchwork lining from Indy and Helena’s actual costumes.

Yes, the new owners of these accessories will be carrying around a piece of Ford and Waller-Bridge as they go about their daily commute. Each piece, as part of that extra exclusive ‘Collector’s Edition,’ is also accompanied with documentation detailing the origins of all materials used from the movie — using a unique serial number to reflect its rarity.

“I wanted to create pieces that you would have forever, infused with the spirit of what Indiana’s all about,” Métier said of the collection.

Other Indy investment pieces include a “vintage hunting bag” for $750, basically a pimped-out netted shopping bag, as well as a “versatile” bottle holder which resembles a portable yoga mat but designed to store water, apparently umbrellas — and maybe whisky? Who knows. But in the world of Indiana Jones, anything is possible.


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