WE’LL BET YOU know Keanu Reeves from his titular role in the John Wick series, or if not that, his even more iconic turn as protagonist Neo in The Matrix. Maybe you also know him as one of the internet’s favourite nice guys, lauded for his low-key generosity — he donated 70 per cent of his The Matrix income to cancer research; he’s gone viral after being filmed giving up his seat on the subway or helping crew members carry gear on film sets; and he famously goes for a hover-hand approach to taking photos with women so as to respect their personal space, to name just a few examples.

You might not be quite so familiar with Keanu Reeves, the rockstar — but you’d be forgiven, because he’s been hibernating for over 20 years. Adding to the long list of reasons why we love him, Reeves was actually the bassist for a nineties alt-rock band called Dogstar with lead singer Gregg Miller, drummer Robert Mailhouse, and guitarist Bret Dormouse (who took over on the vocals after Miller departed). After forming in the early ’90s, they split up in 2002, but the show’s not over just yet. The band’s getting back together, which means we get to be reintroduced to rockstar Reeves — and we’ve already been gifted with the first taste of his next era in the band’s music video for their new song, “Everything Turns Around”.

In a statement that is far more wholesome than you’d expect from your average rock band, Dogstar said the new release “feels like a fun summer song to us”.

“It has an uplifting message and a positive vibe that hopefully makes your day a little bit lighter. It’s one of our favourite songs to play live and can’t wait to share it on our upcoming tour.” Stop it, we’re obsessed.

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If you’ve not yet watched the video, please, I urge you, do. Aside from the dose of nostalgia you’ll get from the ’90s sound, it’s just too good to watch Reeves rocking out on the bass, playing the role of “moody and mysterious muso” just as well as you’d hope.

In even better news, the new song is just a teaser of what’s to come. Dogstar have announced their first album in 23 years, Somewhere Between the Power Lines and Palm Trees, which is set to be released on October 6. And later in the year, they’re heading on tour in North America and Japan.

All we have to say is: Australian tour dates, when?

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