PAUL RUDD IS many things: An actor, Ant-Man, a winner of People‘s Sexiest Man Alive — and now we can confidently add “Taylor Swift fan” and “genuinely sweet guy” to the list. See, last week, 24-year-old American singer-songwriter Claud released a music video which features a surprise cameo from Rudd himself — and the story behind how the A-lister’s appearance came to be is a very wholesome one.

In the music video for Claud’s song “A Good Thing”, Rudd is perfectly cast as a bumbling mailman struggling to deliver Claud a gift from their girlfriend. In that distinctly Rudd-ish way, he’s all flustered as he tries to find the right package — it’s very “Rudd as Bobby Newport,” for the Parks & Recreation fans among us.

“It’s just like, I’m walkin’, there’s so many houses, it’s hot, I have this ferret — something’s wrong with his eye. It’s not your problem, you’ve got your own issues,” he whinges to Claud as they patiently — albeit confusedly — await their delivery. Later in the video, the pair dance together, Rudd pulling out the dad moves for the occasion.

It’s a silly, funny video — but the question is, how did Paul Rudd come to be cast as a humble mailman? On TikTok, Claud explained how the cameo came to be.

“I randomly met him in passing at the Eras Tour, at the Taylor Swift concert,” Claud begins, explaining that they spotted Rudd in the VIP tent and told him that they have a song on their new album, Supermodels, named “Paul Rudd”. “He was so nice about it and he gave me his email and he was like ‘send it to me! I’d love to hear your album.'”

“I explained, I called this song ‘Paul Rudd’ because it’s me trying to envision myself as this cool and confident, charismatic, loveable character that you play and just are in real life that I’m often not. He responded and he loved the album,” they continue in the TikTok.

Claud then decided to shoot their shot and told Rudd they’d be shooting the “A Good Thing” music video on a certain day, and asked if he’d be interested in stopping by. To their surprise, “he came for the whole entire day. He stayed for like five hours, and we shot that whole scene and danced outside. It was the best day of my life,” they say.

I mean, c’mon. How can you not love Paul Rudd even more now?

Watch the full music video below, and stream Supermodels now on your favourite music platform.

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