This story contains spoilers for The Witcher Season Three, Part One.

NOW THAT we’re all reeling from The Witcher‘s Season Three, Part One conclusion, in which Yennefer and Geralt save a party and then find themselves once again at the mercy of a bunch of evil sorcerers, we’re all thinking the same thing: what is this season saving for Part Two? Netflix will drop the second batch of three episodes on July 27, so we have an entire month to sweat and wonder how our favorite witcher is going to make it out of this one. 

There’s a lot that Season Three, Part Two will have to wrap up, starting with this whole magical heel-turn from Vilgefortz, Dijkstra, and who knows how many other sorcerers plotting a coup during what was supposed to be the Continent’s most normal conclave of mages. Thanks to Geralt and Yennefer’s detective work, we know that is was not Stregobor, but the charming Vilgefortz who has been messing around with portals and doing mind-control on half-elven girls, trying to convince them that they are actually the Princess Cirilla—a powerful magic user (with Elder blood!) that Geralt and Yennefer have been attempting to teach to harness her abilities. What purpose were these “False Ciris” supposed to serve? What’s going to happen to the one Geralt was able to rescue, whose original name was Teryn? In the books (spoiler warning, if you’d like to remain fresh), a “False Ciri” ended up uniting the kingdoms of Nilfgaard and Cintra by marrying the Emperor, even though he knew she wasn’t the real Ciri all along. Is the show planning a similar twist, but in a more roundabout way?

The Witcher Season 3, Part 2 Geralt

Speaking of, where is Ciri while all this is going on? She and Jaskier were left behind in the woods, while Geralt and Yennefer headed to the party, so presumably they’re safe from whatever the Nilfgaardians and the Brotherhood are planning. But King Vizimir has sent his brother Radovid with Dijkstra to the conclave, and he and Jaskier have a bit of a rendezvous that night. Is Radovid there because he wants to be? Or is this all part of Dijkstra’s plan? Ciri is safe for now, but that likely won’t last long. 

Closing in on Ciri is the fiery magician Rience, also working on behalf of Vilgefortz, as well as Cahir and the elves, who have allied themselves together in the search for Ciri. Cahir and his Emperor Emhyr, secretly Ciri’s father, want her back on the Cintran throne, and the elves believe that she was prophesied to bring them out of the realm of the humans, where they are relentlessly persecuted—and back to their rightful home. 

Which brings us to the final big plot point we’re likely going to be seeing a lot of in Part Two: the Wild Hunt. Remember the ghostly apparitions riding skeletal horses that tried to apprehend Ciri at the beginning of this season? Those guys are (spoiler warning again) actually elves from another sphere, whose magic grants them the ability to travel across worlds using their own portals. Their elven kingdom relies on the labor of slaves gathered from other spheres by a group of horsemen known as the Red Riders, appearing in the Witcher’s realm as ghostly riders in dark cloaks, known to spirit away those unfortunate to be touched by them. They’ve zeroed in on Ciri because they can sense her Elder blood. In the books they attempt to use her bloodline to rekindle the blood of their own elven kingdom. Also, they’re at war with unicorns in their realm, and Ciri eventually gets a unicorn friend. Please, Netflix, show us Ihuarraquax. We’ll do anything.

This article by Emma Stefansky originally appeared on Esquire US.