WRITER-DIRECTOR Emerald Fennell’s wild psycho-sexual thriller Saltburn has fuelled many a debate on social media since its arrival in cinemas last month, and soon streaming audiences can finally get in on the discourse.

Dubbed “batshit” by this very publication, the movie is perhaps less a scathing class satire that it was built up to be, more just a mad, highly enjoyable fever-dream from a director who gleefully pushes the boundaries of decency, all played out in the hazy setting of a decadent English country house.

The film, starring Barry Keoghan and Jacob Elordi has got it all; wince-inducing mid-noughties fashion, genuinely toe-curling kink scenes involving dirty bathwater… even the Cheeky Girls’ Christmas single gets a needle drop. Which is kind of fitting really, as it has now been announced that the film will be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video from 22 December. Which means that if you’re not currently a member, you can sign up to a 30-day free trial now.

Expected to be a massive hit for Bezos’ streamer over the festive season, it’ll now allow everyone to chime in on the Saltburn chat over on TikTok and X, formerly Twitter, allowing viewers both a safe space to share in the full horrors of what they’ve witnessed and to discuss Felix’s eyebrow piercing.

Ultimately, the divisive film is now all yours to rewatch and take your own stance on it. Is it “lurid, shallow and frustrating”, or is it a “deliciously dark comedy”, as the critics have equally dubbed it? If you have a Prime account, then feel free to get stuck into that discourse too.

And although the Catton family would probably love nothing better than to gather round on Boxing Day for a group viewing session (you just know that Elspeth would revel in being the inspiration for the must-watch film of 2023) please, we beg Syou: this is not a family friendly, all-gather-round-to-watch-after-the-turkey-dinner business. Although the final dance scene does have an air of Morecambe and Wise to it.

Saltburn streams on Prime Video from December 22.

This story originally appeared on Esquire UK.


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