Gardener French Riviera Gin
The Gardener

THEY SAY those partial to gin are a particular breed of people; demanding, fussy and cautious when it comes to anything and everything to do with their drink of choice: gin. We see it as a person knowing what they like, and how they like it—an admirable quality to some degree. But don’t be short-sighted; there’s more to gin than that bottle of Beefeater.

When it comes to today’s gin selection, there couldn’t be a better time for exploration. Making waves in the spirit world in recent years, there are a host of gin labels on the market, new and established, doing wonderful, wonderful things.

Low and behold fellow gin connoisseurs, below are eight gin brands that might sway you from your typical gin of choice. And in time for summer, there’s no better occasion to start exploring these cracking gin varieties today.

Malfy Gin


Malfy Con Arancia Gin

Summer in a bottle! Made and distilled in Torino, Italy, Malfy Con Arancia (“with orange”) utilises a selection of ripe Sicilian blood oranges that are then blended with the finest botanicals and handpicked juniper to create the perfect sipping gin or one that can make the perfect Italian-inspired cocktail, like the ‘La Dolce Vita Spritz’

Mountain Gin


Mountain Gin 

Crafted in the beautiful surroundings of Victoria’s Macedon Ranges, MOUNTAIN Distilling ensures innovation is at forefront of all its operations—each product, and every process, is a chance for something truly exceptional to be produced. MOUNTAIN Gin is the byproduct of such processes—an award-winning gin that will transport you the pristine pine forests of the mountain. It’s refreshing and clean whilst offering vibrancy and enticing aromas. It could quite possibly be one of Australia’s best gins!

Hendricks Gin


Hendrick’s Gin  

A tried and tested gin that is on the shelf of every reputable bar, Hendrick’s Gin is a staple among gin aficionados for a reason… it’s bloody good. Whether you like it as a cocktail pairing (negroni, anyone?) or simply enjoy it as a sipping gin, Hendrick’s and its 11 botanicals—from exotic flowers, fruits and seeds to infused cucumber and rose petals—make it one of the most iconic gins in the world.

Four Pillars Gin


Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin  

For those that don’t love gin as their first drink of choice, Four Pillars’ Bloody Shiraz gin will win over even the fussiest drinker. Ahead of the impending summer season, there’s honestly nothing more refreshing than a Bloody Shiraz gin over ice paired with tonic and an orange slice.

Papa Salt Gin


Papa Salt Coastal Gin   

It would seem that Australia’s own Margot Robbie can do it all. Yes, the Hollywood actor and producer can also add ‘gin founder’ to her CV with the unveiling of Papa Salt Gin earlier this year. Founded by Robbie and her husband Tom Ackerley, along with filmmaking friends Josey McNamara, Regan Riskas and Charlie Maas, Papa Salt is the result of a wanting for a gin that can “compliment any soda, taste great with tonic and make a mean martini”. Papa Salt is inspired by the Australian coast whilst also celebrating the subtle taste of native Australian botanicals.

Aviation Gin


Aviation Gin

You probably know this pick thanks to the relentless (yet genius) marketing tactics of Aviation Gin co-owner, Ryan Reynolds. Yes, the same Hollywood movie star Ryan Reynolds. “I’ve tried every gin on the planet and Aviation is, hands down, the best. Also, I don’t recommend trying every gin on the planet. Stick with this one.” Co-founded in 2006 by Christian Krogstad and Ryan Magarian, the duo had the sole purpose of crafting an American-made dry gin, lighter on the juniper flavour with a smoother finish than some other varieties. The end product obviously caught the attention of Reynolds some years later and now, as they say, the rest is history.

Roku Gin


Roku Gin

This Japanese-crafted gin should be in the liquor cabinet of anyone serious about their gin. Roku is a perfectly-balanced gin that’s appropriate for any occasion, no matter the season. Roku captures the spirit of Japan in a bottle, utilising the harvest of four seasons of Japan’s idyllic nature—the result is a showcase of the harvest of the four seasons blended to create Roku’s signature, balanced flavour.

The Gardener Gin


The Gardener French Riviera Gin

Brad Pitt is no stranger to the liquor world. In recent times, the movie mega star unveiled ventures in a premium wine and champagne label, and now, the 59-year-old is tackling the gin space with a premium new offering: The Gardener Gin. The first product of the fancy new label is French Riviera Gin. And, as you might have guessed, it’s directly inspired by everything to do with the Cote d’azur. Pitt, alongside master distiller Tom Nichol and The Perrin family, have all contributed to The Gardener Gin, which is handcrafted in France and certified organic. Watch this (gin) space for its official global release.