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WHILE HE’S A magnetic stage performer, 6LACK is most at home in a recording studio. It’s in the studio that he can hone his singular sound, broadcast his adept storytelling and ultimately, find inspiration. But to fuel his creative process and produce meaningful art, the 31-year-old needs to feel good physically, emotionally and spiritually. This requires a great deal of attention to wellness and mental health.

Much of 6LACK’s music draws from his own personal experiences, telling stories of heartbreak and vulnerability. He’s found both critical and commercial success for his refreshing candour, but tapping into that space can have consequences. After releasing his debut album in 2016 and a follow-up in 2018, 6LACK spent nearly five years outside of the spotlight to work on himself – with the exception of sporadic collaborations with other artists and a six-song EP in 2020. During that time, 6LACK reinvented himself. His third studio album, ‘Since I Have A Lover’, was released in 2023 and represents a departure from the sentimental, melodramatic tone that typified his earlier work. ‘Since I Have A Lover’ is an exploration of 6LACK’s prioritisation of self-love and his journey of healing.

6LACK battled through his darkest moments through a combination of wellness practices. By searching within himself, he’s found a new outlook on life centred on self-care, and it reflects in his work. Artistically, 6LACK has never felt stronger, and it’s all thanks to his newfound mindset.

Below, 6LACK takes Esquire through his journey of self-discovery and the importance of talking openly about mental health with wellness and mindfulness coach Manoj Dias.


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