YOU DON’T HAVE to be Patrick Bateman to have a killer skincare routine. But when it comes to good skin maintenance, a thing or two can be gleamed from the finance-bro aesthete. For starters, Bateman uses the finest ingredients and products on the market in his 10-step ritual (which famously includes an ice eye mask, a deep pore cleansing lotion, and a herb mint facial masque). The way he methodically applies each product is, yes, a little psychotic. But what can we say? The character’s skin does look great.

Thankfully, crafting a good skincare regime doesn’t have to be quite this rigorous, especially if you’re just getting into it. A less-is-more approach is key to seeing and isolating what products out there work best for you, because they’re compatible to your skin. And as the skincare space now has its own trend cycle courtesy of social media, navigating the latest must have X serum or Y cleanser (and with all the clinical jargon thrown in between) from Z brand can be overwhelming. The best thing about skincare, though, is you can choose to get nerdy about it, or simply buy and apply without worrying yourself with lengthy ingredient lists.

To help you along, we’ve rounded up the very best skincare brands for men. And be sure, for the Patrick Bateman’s walking among us, these brands will get your cheeks looking supple and smooth.

The best skin care brands for men


Founded in Armadale, Melbourne, in 1987, Aesop has since grown into a skincare empire recognised all around the world. The complexity of research and approach to their vegan and cruelty-free formulations is neatly packaged in glass amber vessels and metallic tubes, with their beige labels extensively detailing what’s in it, and which skin types they are best suited to. The Fabulous Face Cleanser is an excellent gateway product to Aesop’s skin care range that caters to a wide variety of skin types: a water-activated gel cleanser that emulsifies into a light lather that doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils.

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Grown Alchemist

Australia seems to be the place for some of the most innovative skincare out there. Enter Grown Alchemist, founded by brothers Keston and Jeremy Mujis in 1999, the Melbourne-based brand is focused on creating scientifically innovative wellness products that focus on influencing how the body repairs and regenerates the skin. With this in mind, its Gentle Gel Facial Cleanser gives a calming effect, from its botanical extracts that aids any redness and sensitivity, particularly from shaving.

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Another feather to his cap, creative multi-hyphenate Pharrell Williams also has a skin care brand. Founded in 2020, Humanrace is a collaboration between the musician and his long-time dermatologist, Dr. Elena Jones, MD, where the duo have created vegan and fragrance-free formulations. A well-rounded skincare regime in its basic form should consist of a twice daily cleanser and moisturiser, and a periodic exfoliant (recommended use two to three times a week). The Routine Kit by Humanrace is the gold standard: packaging all three steps in its Rice Powder Cleanser, Lotus Enzyme Exfoliator, and Humidifying Face Cream.

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La Roche-Posay

To top off a well-rounded skincare routine, a facial SPF for the day is a non-negotiable (especially in Australia). French brand La Roche-Posay has been making waves in the past couple of years for its quickly absorbing formulations that keep the skin feeling light. The secret to the brand’s success? La Roche-Posay uses water from a thermal spring in a town of the same name that claims to be full of minerals and antioxidants (namely selenium; which protects against cell damage), leaving smoother and hydrated skin. Their Anthelios Invisible Fluid SPF 50+ is an essential: at the highest highest SPF level, its lightweight finish doesn’t leave the skin shiny or greasy. And for those who don’t like the smell of sunscreen (how unpatriotic), this one doesn’t have that strong scent we all know from beach days of our childhood.

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Bondi Skin Co.

If you’re looking for a brand that puts efficiency and simplicity at top of mind, Bondi Skin Co. has you covered. Founded by Bondi locals Dougie Joseph, Chris Mushan and Nick Mallett, the trio understand what it means to have products that are ready to be thrown into a bag as you run out the door. Their Anti-Aging Serum kit was the impetus for creating the brand: the trio wanted to simplify an anti-aging routine that men would want to use and understand. We can’t recommend it more highly.

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Terra Tonics

You may have heard certain oils and acids being thrown around as buzzwords that boast all sorts of benefits. But amid all the noise, Terra Tonics seeks to simplify things with their botanical and mineral extracts. Their approach is to formulate their products with ingredients that align with the natural composition of the skin to support its regenerative abilities. And the key for naturally-sourced anti-aging products are those that are about prevention rather than treating symptoms. Case in point: the Terra Tonics Clean Collagen, which promotes collagen production in the skin for regenerative cells that soften wrinkles.

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Founded in what was the largely immigrant enclave of New York’s East Village in 1851, Kiehl’s has been a mainstay in cosmetics for nearly 200 years. Since then, the brand has created a skincare range to address all types of skin, all the while using Squalane – a highly-refined botanical – as its main ingredient, which promotes lightweight hydration. Their Ultra Facial Cream is our choice of face cream for the colder, windier months for its 24-hour hydration and protection to their natural skin barrier.

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One of the biggest cosmetics and skincare brands in the world, Clinique has been in operation since 1968. The idea at the core of the brand is to approach skincare as a set of steps, an approach that has since expanded into a dedicated men’s range that particularly aid concerns for sensitivity after shaving. The Face Scrub is a classic that provides exfoliation, meaning it scrubs off dead skin cells and flakes for smoother skin, making shaves closer and cleaner.

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It all started with a joke. Go-To founder Zoë Foster Blake realised that men often ‘borrow’ skincare products from the women in their lives, while refusing to buy any of their own because of the effeminate packaging that tends to dominate pharmacy and supermarket shelves. Launched in 2020, Bro-To offers a range of male-specific skincare products, with the Face Hero beard oil being its most renowned. Aimed at all skin types, it aids in any sensitivity felt in the skin from shaving.

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No fuss and clear packaging is the name of the game at STUFF. Their clarity in packaging for developing a men’s skin care range also comes with their goal to address issues of toxic masculinity, where they collaborate with charitable organisation Man Cave to promote men’s mental health programs. Their Face Wash, made with almond oil, aloe vera and charcoal, is a gel-based cleanser to help regulate oil and break-outs – an instant keeper.

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Hunter Lab

Founded by husband and wife duo Elliot and Susie Waldron in 2015, the couple grew frustrated with how the skincare market was saturated with chemical and synthetic ingredients. Since then, the pair have been working with green chemistry to craft sophisticated formulas with natural ingredients. Their Lipid Vitamin Face Oil, for instance, packs 19 super oils and extracts – potent with antioxidants and vitamins – to reduce fine lines, and brighten and hydrate skin.

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Tony & Munro

Men’s skin is 25 percent more thicker, oilier, and porous than that of a woman’s. A first of its kind, Tony & Munro understand this, making a skincare range for men that helps to minimise pores with formulations that are more absorbent and non-oily. The night is when the body heals itself, so why not try something for the face? The Nigh Repair Serum is replete Vitamin A (retinol), Vitamin B3 (niacinamide) and B5 (panthenol), which, in simple terms, nourishes the skin with hydration for firmer and revitalised skin.

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What is the best skin care routine for men?

The main differences between men’s and women’s skin are found in what your skin type is (normal, oily, dry) and how best to aid any qualms you have (acne, wrinkles, pigmentation). As discussed above, a well-rounded routine in its most basic form is to have a cleanser, exfoliator and moisturiser. Cleansing and moisturising are done twice a day (morning and night), while exfoliation is done periodically (two to three times a week).

Exfoliating sounds like a painful, bristling job. But, most exfoliants come in the form of a gentle facial scrub that works at getting rid of dead skin cells and allowing new ones to regenerate. This means your shaves are closer and cleaner, while your skin is left feeling smoother. And who wants dead, flaky skin cells hanging off their face? And once a basic routine is established, serums, oils, acids, and masks can come into the fold to whatever degree, frequency, and rigour you like. But an SPF, however, is forever.


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