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LAST WEEK IN SYDNEY, leaders in consumer electronics and home appliances, Hisense Australia, unveiled an all-new collection of TV and home appliances for 2023. Set against the backdrop of the picturesque Malabar in New South Wales, the innovative team behind Hisense’s latest tech goods put to the test exactly what the latest range can do, showcasing products that are intrinsically designed with user experience front of mind.

Movie buffs, serial bingers and audiophiles, you won’t be disappointed.

Hosting the intimate affair was home designer and renovation expert, sustainability champion and Hisense Ambassador, Barry Du Bois, who not only offered his hot tips on styling the new range in your own home, but discussed the importance of Hisense’s sustainability efforts in an age where tech consumerism is at an all-time high.

“Everyone knows that sustainability is one of the most important things to me, and Hisense’s 2023 range has seriously impressive credentials in this area,” Du Bois said. “Importantly, Hisense delivers outstanding efficiency in the appliances that are usually the most energy-hungry in the home – refrigeration, laundry and air conditioning.

“At a time when Aussies are looking to save money on their energy bills and better contribute to the environment through energy saving, Hisense’s innovative and sustainable range should be on the shortlist.”

Australia’s demand for entertainment is at an all-time high, with the average household now subscribing to at least 3 digital streaming platforms in 2022 according to a report conducted by Deloitte. To support this demand, Hisense’s new collection heroes an ambition on creating the very best products without comprise, especially when it comes to industry-leading innovation and features, sustainability and convenience.

Hisense ANZ head of marketing, Gideon Lui, says the new Hisense range for 2023 now has a premium product for every corner of the home, and every kind of consumer.

“We present the Hisense Home of today and a glimpse into the Hisense Home of the future. While our range is packed with the latest technology innovation, it is important we remain connected to our customers by dispelling tech jargon and using straight talk to communicate how Hisense products can enhance their lifestyle,” says Lui.

“This is why Hisense just makes sense for Australians and Kiwis who are looking to build their own Hisense Home.”

Hisense 2023 entertainment

Innovation that raises the (tech) bar 

Leading the tech lineup for 2023, Hisense Australia debuted several new innovations in fall into the ‘Hisense Home’ collection. Welcoming the Mini-LED and Mini-LED X TVs and the expanded TriChroma Laser range all set to deliver an unparalleled immersive audio and visual experience ideal for streaming 4K and IMAX Enhanced content — like Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer (the IMAX-Enhanced feature will also automatically detect when watching Disney+ or a feature that enables Game Mode when connected to a console).

Watching all your favourite sporting moments will also be a treat, as will those who enjoy gaming, thanks to the Mini-LED X technology which offers its strongest challenge yet to OLED for overall picture quality and viewing experience.

Then there’s the new Hisense TriChroma Laser TV Series L9H that is set to redefine how you watch television thanks to an advanced Laser technology that offers an abundance of vibrant colours, immersive audio, and optimal picture quality. This new TV is guaranteed to impress even the toughest home entertainment critic, thanks to premium features like Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision HDRTM, and an included ALR (ambient light rejection) screen, all designed to provide the highest and most powerful cinematic experience.

Among other new product releases like a 9-star energy rated Heat Pump Dryer, a UV Hygiene Guard dishwasher — that, when finished, opens automatically to naturally aspirate to ensure it is perfectly dry before emptying — PureFlat Infinite side-by-side fridge and ConnectLife-enabled V Series Split System Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner, we’re loving the intuitive new Hisense ConnectLife Smart Home App which allows the seamless integration of Hisense devices on one app. At the touch of a button, you can control your home appliances whilst keeping tabs on their respective energy usage.

Hisense 2023 entertainment

Sustainability or nothing

Hisense’s staunch commitment to improving sustainability is clearly evident in the latest product release but really, sustainability starts with its manufacturing operations, supply chains, products, and packaging.

Recent sustainability achievements from the appliance and electronics manufacturer include mandating suppliers meet a minimum target of 95% of recycled content for cardboard packaging; and the unveiling of Australia’s first 7 Star refrigerator and 9 Star Heat Pump Dryer (typically, refrigeration, laundry and air conditioning appliances are the largest users of energy in Australian and New Zealand homes).

“We are pleased to be playing an increasingly larger role as a brand in the sustainability space, and that is resonating with our retailers and customers,” adds Lui. “We are very proud of our efforts to become a leading brand in sustainability within the refrigeration category and strive to empower our customers to be more mindful of their own footprint.”

Convenience for the connected consumer

As we all gravitate towards a future enabled by the seamless integration of smart appliances, ConnectLife will form an important component of Hisense’s future product roadmap.

“While we’re always focused on delivering aesthetically beautiful and feature-rich products for our customers, we never lose sight of ensuring they also make life easier and more efficient,” says Lui. “As we continue to evolve towards a fully smart home-enabled range, we will continue our commitment to providing premium products that deliver great value to everyday Australians and Kiwis without compromising on quality or our environment.”

Hisense Australia

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