FOR SOME, facial hair is simply an inconvenience they’ve been dealing with since adolescence. To wake up is to stand before the mirror, lathered in shaving cream, as you take a razor to your cheeks, chin, upper lip and neck, only for those follicles to rear their heads in protest come 5pm. But for those who know the struggle of seeing hair sprout on the face, theirs is an understanding that such facial hair is to be worn as a badge of honour. No matter how thick, no matter the style, simply pushing past those first few days of no shaving and the endless quips from friends is cause for celebration.

Regardless of where you stand on the facial hair scale, there’s never been a better time to put the razor down and embrace some hair of the upper lip variety than the month of November. Referred to worldwide as ‘Movember’, the month is dedicated to raising awareness for men’s health. Around the world, one man dies by suicide every minute of every day, with males accounting for 69 per cent of all suicides. Compounding the issue is that a growing number of men are facing life with prostate cancer diagnosis, while testicular cancer remains the most common cancer among young men. And yet, despite these statistics clearly illustrating the crisis that men’s health finds itself in, there remains a stigma around such conversations.

In taking part in Movember, men are encouraged to grow a moustache as a symbol of their commitment to the cause. But it also has another function: it sparks conversation. It’s hoped that throughout the month, men can feel empowered to check in with one another and open up about their health as we collectively work to see a shift in the discourse surrounding men’s health.

Safe to say, the time for growing out the ‘mo is here. As many a Movember participant has found, the style might just become your grooming aesthetic of choice. Gone are the days of trash talk directed to the moustache; days when it was so cruelly described as a “pornstache” and those sporting it deemed creepy or brazen. You need only look to the biggest celebrities in Hollywood to find that the moustache is having quite the moment. From Henry Cavill to Paul Mescal and Jude Law, it seems Hollywood’s leading men are recognising the value in a little face-furniture and ushering in a new, sophisticated hey-day for the ‘mo.

Need a little inspiration this Movember to see you adopt a spectacular ‘stache? Look no further than these six celebrities.

If you or someone you love is struggling with their mental health, help is available from Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue.


Paul Mescal

Shedding his image as the clean-shaven, chain-wearing Connell we knew from Normal People, Paul Mescal has dabbled in the art of the moustache. At the 2022 Met Gala, he stole the spotlight from guests including Lenny Kravitz and Hillary Clinton with a look that saw the moustache rise in sophistication.


Jacob Elordi

In his acting, Aussie icon Jacob Elordi continues to go from strength to strength. As he takes on more ambitious roles, it seems he’s showing the same flair and range in his personal style—even when it comes to facial hair. Amongst those adopting the modern moustache, Elordi proves there’s nothing cooler.


Henry Cavill

If anyone can revive the moustache, you can guarantee it’s going to be the man most can only ever refer to as Superman. Of course, the saga surrounding the moustache has become well known in the annals of pop culture, after it was leaked that Cavill needed to grow his moustache for his role in the 2018 Mission: Impossible: Fallout. However, when he was called back to the set of Justice League to do reshoots as Superman, time constraints meant Cavill couldn’t ditch the moustache. So, they had to digitally remove his ‘stache in post-production, leading to some pretty dodgy images of a smooth top lip. It may have made for some riveting Twitter posts, but all of this is to say: Cavill looked damn good with a moustache.

INSTAGRAM | @michaelbjordan

Michael B. Jordan

The moustache of Michael B. Jordan is as a part of him as his perpetually ripped physique. The two simply complement each other, so that when Jordan debuted a shaved face in April of 2022, fans were beside themselves, pleading with the actor to grow it back. As a leading man, Jordan proves that the moustache has levelled up from its pornstache past, and with his laidback and effortless cool, he’s paving the way for a new generation of moustache wearers.

INSTAGRAM | @miloanthonyventimiglia

Milo Ventimiglia

Having shot to fame on Gilmore Girls, Milo became a household name when he starred in the tear-jerker hit series This Is Us. The distinctive moustache has become something of a character trait for Milo, and fans of the series could only hope the star would keep it. While it certainly was in keeping with the time period of the show, Milo’s moustache is an example of how to bring maturity to a face by way of facial hair.


Jude Law

When Jude Law appeared on The Tonight Show, he practically broke the Internet. Across every social channel, all anyone could talk about was the new facial hair rocked by one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Thick and somewhat wide, Law’s moustache was undeniably impressive and speaks to a confidence that we should all aspire towards. Though it’s unclear whether the facial hair was sported in the lead up to a role or current filming, you need only look to the comment sections of such posts to see the world agrees: the moustache is in. Long may it reign.

So, if you’re looking to let that facial hair grow, take some cues from the celebrities above. Never let the moustache wear you, but like Law and Mescal, wear it as an extension of your own personal style. While it’s important to know your limitations, know that with a little shaping and some styling, you can transform your look to be one that rivals any leading man.