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Dan McAlister

NOMINATIVE DETERMINISM ASIDE, TikTok is a fascinating place for watches.

Horology is a world that makes tectonic drift look adrenalised. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s struggled to find a foothold in the most erratic and unpredictable of social networks. Which is refreshing.

With no legacy players to crowd them out, the best watch accounts on TikTok are an at-times confusing – but always entertaining – mix of education, high-stakes drama, bling porn and, this being TikTok, beef between people you’ve hadn’t heard of until 10 minutes ago but now care about more than your own parents.

It is also overwhelming, a world of algorithm-targeted confection that it’s best to dip into rather than immerse yourself in. Start here. And take regular breaks.

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TikTok Watch

If you’re used to the kind of horological social media in which men in corduroy drone on about escapements, then you may be overwhelmed by the TikTok colossuses that trade watches on 47th Street in New York. The diamond district serves as backdrop to the likes of Tyler MikorskiJohn Buckley and Julia Azer, who flip APs and Rolexes with occasional detours into watch history or ranking movie watches. Really, though, this is pure entertainment; more Uncut Gems than Watches & Wonders.

Clockworld Dynasty

Since blowing up on TikTok, Mikorski and Buckley have parlayed their virality into this more sedate, almost TV-like series in which actors, writers, fashion figures and watch industry experts swing by on shopping trips. Our favourite is Hodinkee editor Malaika Crawford, who brings not only deep watch knowledge but also a refreshing disdain for diamonds.

Mike Nouveau

Mike Nouveau is a vintage watch dealer who pivoted early from Instagram, although he still conducts most of his actual sales business on IG. His TikTok is a mix of trades, horological hunts and tutorials, but his signature is ‘Watch Spotting’, a series in which he quizzes East Villagers about their watches. You’ll find the occasional Emma Chamberlain and Emily Ratajkowski among them, but the best are the civilians whose watches come accessorised with a story.

Nolan Daniel White

How easy it is to forget that watches are actually supposed to be worn, elements of an outfit rather than just something to flash on social media. Cue Nolan Daniel White, whose style-focused channel is big on underrated brands, affordable alts and vintage finds. He’s there when you want a guide to sleeper all-gold watches, or how to get a Cartier Tank vibe without spending Cartier Tank money.


Watch world has not historically been a female-friendly space, even though women now spend more on watches than men. So thanks be to the likes of Trang Trinh, who’s part of a new wave of watchfluencers kicking against the shrink-it-and-pink-it approach that’s long emanated from Geneva. Her conversational, fast-edited style is very TikTok native, but there’s depth here, too; think auction pickstrade show trawls and even watch anatomy guides.

Kevin O‘Leary

Yes, the Shark Tank guy. O’Leary is an unrepentant watch nerd who went viral last year for crying when he picked up his one-of-one, Royal Oak openworked. And, fair enough, it’s pretty mega. That was on Instagram, but among the snore-snore business #content, his TikTok offers an insight into watch obsession from the perspective of someone who can actually afford to indulge it. That means tips on collectingtear-worthy grails and the kind of Rolexes you can only get when you’re top of every waitlist. He might even make you want to buy a Richard Mille. Maybe.

Ben’s Watches

A refreshing alternative to the TikTok algorithm’s tendency to boost bling, Ben Cook specialises in the affordable end of watch-collecting. He’s arguably the man most responsible for Tissot’s PRX taking over TikTok, but he also offers more prosaic tips on everything from watch cleaning to Black Friday buys, all delivered with the no-bullshit tone that makes TikTok so distinct from the world of watches on Instagram.


This London-based dealer is like a museum of lesser-spotted watches, from Cartier’s reversible Tank Basculante to a Universal Genève that Don Draper might have worn. There’s no flash here and no sell; just a deep and somehow soothing passion for horology.

Scumbag dad

And, the opposite. Comedian Brad Pordray’s channel is mostly skits and stunts, but he’s also got a weird love for lovably weird watches. So, Japanese head-scratchers where you have to pick out the flashing words to tell the timeA watch with Ripley gunning down Xenomorphs, instead of hands. And our favourite, a watch that just reads: “Now”. Well, it’s never wrong.

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