THE WORD ‘LUXURY’ gets thrown around a lot at events like Watches & Wonders, be it on placards, banners, logos, or in keynotes and speeches. But really, in a convention centre full of the world’s premier watchmakers, the assumption should naturally be that every house, maison and designer at least considers themselves a luxury brand. That being said, there are levels to luxury.

Every watchmaker in the Geneva Palexpo boasts a range of coveted high-end timepieces, but few can lay claim to being on the same level of luxury as Chanel, which possesses a mastery of not only the horological realm, but also that of fashion and beauty. The Chanel logo is synonymous with luxury itself, and the brand’s watches are similarly spectacular.

Watches & Wonders 2024 saw Chanel showcase its proficiency in creating sophisticated, innovative timepieces, revealing a number of new releases. From innovative calibers to complex tourbillons, Chanel’s new watches are a nod to its rich heritage, while keeping an eye towards the future, combining traditional craftsmanship with contemporary flair.

Below, we explore some of our favourite Chanel watches unveiled in Geneva.


Monsieur Superleggera Intense Black Edition

Chanel’s latest masterpiece, the Monsieur Superleggera Intense Black Edition, is ideally suited to the modern, urbane man. Crafted with the discerning gentleman in mind, this timepiece ventures beyond the conventional boundaries of haute horlogerie. Its essence lies in the fusion of technical mastery and the dynamic allure of racing aesthetics. At the heart of this limited-edition marvel lies Chanel’s Caliber 1. This manual-winding mechanical movement not only boasts two integrated complications – an instant jumping hour and a 240° retrograde minute – but also encapsulates the spirit of innovation the Chanel brand is known for. With only 100 pieces available worldwide, the new Monsieur Superleggera is as exclusive as it is easy on the eyes. Best get your hands on one quickly.


J12 Couture 38mm

Crafted from highly resilient black ceramic and matte black-coated steel, this timepiece exudes sophistication, and its engineering is as precise as they come. A self-winding Caliber 12.1 movement powers the watch, ensuring accurate timekeeping. The dial, resembling a couture pattern in opulent gold, is framed by an eye-catching tape measure motif, paying homage to Chanel’s fashion pedigree. But what truly sets this limited-edition piece apart is its unique time display: a sewing needle and a pair of scissors indicate the hours and minutes, practically screaming couture. And with a sapphire crystal caseback adorned with limited edition insignia, Chanel’s J12 Couture is a wearable work of art that’s certain to captivate both watch enthusiasts and high fashion devotees.


J12 Diamond Tourbillon Caliber 5

Designed under the watchful and immensely knowledgeable eye of Arnaud Chastaingt – the Director of the Chanel Watchmaking Creation Studio in Paris – and brought to life at the Chanel Swiss Manufacture, the J12 Diamond Tourbillon Caliber 5 epitomises the fusion of French creativity and Swiss precision. The manual-winding Caliber 5 is the first Flying Tourbillon movement created en maison (or in house) by Chanel. Speaking of Tourbillons, the watch’s Tourbillon cage is adorned with a solitaire, exclusive cut diamond, a distinctive touch that elevates the entire ensemble.


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