Chris Hemsworth 2024 Met Gala
Chris Hemsworth at the 2024 Met Gala. Getty Images

CHRIS HEMSWORTH is a guy’s guy. His fits might not be the most avant-garde out there, but that’s the point: the suits, workout gear and smart casual fits he wears, men can wholeheartedly relate to.

At the 2024 Met Gala, which Hemsworth co-chaired, the actor reminded us that he’s mastered the art of keeping it classic while looking cool, wearing a vanilla bean suit by the arbiter of classic-cool, New York designer Tom Ford. Up top, the Mad Max: Furiosa actor kept the collar of his silk shirt open – a go-to styling move of his – while a waistcoat in that same creamy tone kept things feeling formal. This is the Met Gala, after all.

Hemsworth finished the look with a sprinkling of gold bling, which included a rather unconventional timepiece. On his wrist was an Alpine Eagle by Chopard – an iconic watch by any measure – but rather than going for a classic silver or titanium Eagle, Hemsworth wore the 18-carat rose gold iteration. The watch face is also dotted with 1.30 carat white diamonds, which, in addition to the rose gold, brings a feminine touch to Hemsworth’s conventionally masculine style. We wholeheartedly approve.

Hemsworth was accompanied by his wife Elsa Pataky – or should we say he accompanied her, as she looked suitably radiant in a golden Tom Ford gown. Talk about couple goals.

Of course, Hemsworth’s style has been a reference point for Aussie men since he kick started his career as Kim Hyde on Home and Away. He’s come a long way since then, starring in Hollywood franchises such as Marvel, Men in Black, and Extinction, and while his style has certainly evolved, he still brings that laidback Aussie approach to most everything he wears (undone collars, slouchy jackets, Chelsea boots), while dressing it up just the right amount for his red carpet appearances.

Here, we look back at some of his best looks to date.

Chris Hemsworth’s best outfits and style moments


Cream and gold at the 2024 Met Gala

After ascending the stairs to the Met, Hemsworth told red carpet host LaLa Anthony that “being from Australia, from a little coastal town, this is very new to me”. Sorry, Chris, but we call BS, because you look like a total professional. Plus, you’re wearing Tom Ford. It’s a big gold star from us.

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Tie-less at the 2024 Oscars

Normally a traditional affair (the official dress code is ‘white tie’), at this year’s Oscars, a lot of men went tie-less. Hemsworth led the pack – he’s been pioneering the unbuttoned look for years. Perhaps, he’s playing to the strengths of his physique: with broad shoulders, an unbuttoned shirt can break up the look of so much upper-body mass, leaving generous negative space where a tie would usually sit. The more formal elements here are in the shawl lapel and patent black shoes, again, striking that balance between chill and classic he’s known for.

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A waistcoat fiend at the premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder

If you didn’t know Chris Hemsworth by looking at him at the Los Angeles Thor: Love and Thunder premiere, you could have mistaken him for a UFC fighter in this three-piece suit. An easy assumption to make, the style is a favourite off-duty look in boxing circles (think Conor McGregor).

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Casual but cool at the Red Sea International Film Festival 2023

A sports jacket with a T-shirt (untucked, too) is the way to go when making suiting casual, and a regular move in the Chris Hemsworth style playbook. Unstructured shoulders give off a sense of ease in informal settings while maintaining a put together appearance. Again, considering Hemsworth’s build, he doesn’t need the extra padding and structure in that department – knowing to dress for your body is an invaluable skill, and one the A-lister has mastered.

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The menswear blueprint in London

There is no better combo for weathering urban terrain like a white T-shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of Blundstones. And Hemsworth’s choice of a grey suede boot adds a nice texture to this everyday look. James Dean, but make it Hemsworth.

Getty Images | Matthew Tsang

A touch of eggplant at the 2014 Oscars

There are certain stars you can bank on being at the Oscars each year, and Hemsworth is one of them. At the 2014 ceremony, the actor stepped out wearing a classic tux – in an dramatic colour. If you’re wondering what to wear with black, deep eggplant is the way to go.

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Early 2000’s hipster in Sydney

If you’ve forgotten what Chris Hemsworth looked like at 22, allow us to refresh your memory. Arriving at a Sydney premiere in a beanie, unbuttoned shirt over a white tank and tribal-style necklaces, he ticked all the boxes of circa 2006 trends. It’s little wonder, really, that he made it all the way to Hollywood.


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