DANIEL CRAIG may well be most familiar to you and I for his run in the role of Bond, James Bond. But he has also juggled a broad-ranging acting career between stage and screen, with several blockbusters a world apart from Bond. Most recently he logged two stints as Benoit Blanc, the southern drawling sleuth in the Knives Out franchise.

Drawing inspiration from that work as well as his own life, Craig has also amassed a fascinating collection of watches. Here, Daniel and I met to go through his Omega collection and explain why watches matter so much to him.

Like many collectors, Craig’s methodology is driven less by value and much more by meaning. Take the Seamaster 300 watch he wore in his first bone-crunching opening sequence as Bond in Casino Royale. He confesses to only recently cleaning off the mud off it from filming. Or there’s the titanium, special-edition Seamaster 300m, the design of which he personally developed with Omega for No Time To Die in 2019.

As an Omega ambassador for years, it’s hardly surprising that the brand—and the Seamaster, specificall—features heavy in his collection. But its not all about Bond. Most recently, Craig wore a Constellation and an anniversary-edition Seamaster 1948 for his appearances in Knives Out and Glass Onion, two dressier watches that stand a world apart from the muscular designs usually favoured by James Bond. When it comes to Craig and watches, there’s much to explore. So join us as we dive in.

This story originally appeared on Esquire US.