K-pop star Doyoung in the latest Dolce&Gabbana campaign. Photography: Park Jongha

WITH 12.4 MILLION followers on Instagram alone, K-pop sensation Doyoung is one of the most influential people of his generation. He’s adored by music fans all over the world and the fashion industry can’t get enough of his playful yet elegant personal style—whether he’s travelling around Mexico in a white tank top and blue jeans or attending a red carpet event in a handsome black tuxedo, the 27-year-old nails the brief on every single occasion. 

For Dolce&Gabbana—a brand that also nails the simple white tank top just as well as it does the handsome black tuxedo, courtesy of its made-to-measure Alta Sartoria universe—Doyoung is the ultimate poster boy. So much so, that after serving as the ambassador for Japan and Korea, the pop star was selected to star in the brand’s global men’s autumn/winter 2023-24 campaign. 

Photography: Park Jongha

But the partnership goes beyond an affiliation for style. Music has long informed the creativity of Dolce&Gabbana’s men’s collections, and Doyoung’s electric stage presence and enigmatic voice—he’s a member of the South Korean boy band NCT and its sub-units NCT U, NCT 127, and NCT DoJaeJung—brings some extra drama to the campaign. 

You can feel this in the images, but even more so in the campaign video. We’ll hand it to him—the guy knows how to work his angles. 

Modelled by Doyoung, the brand’s autumn/winter 2023-24 collection comes alive. A symphony of blacks, the sequin embroidery is reminiscent of Sicilian volcanic rocks, while sportier styles root the collection in the here and now. The presence of a rosary-style necklace confirms that yes sir, this is a Dolce&Gabbana campaign. 

Photography: Park Jongha

“This collaboration has resulted in an alluring and sensual Men’s Campaign that’s poised to captivate both the star’s followers and fashion enthusiasts throughout the upcoming autumn-winter season,” said the brand in a statement. “These pieces not only highlight the sheer elegance of their designs but also the impeccable tailoring, innovative proportions, the luxurious Italian fabrics, and the artisanal craftsmanship that forms the essence of Dolce&Gabbana’s DNA.” 

It’s fitting the brand describes Doyoung not just as the ‘face’ of this new campaign, but as the protagonist. He’s the main character in this chapter of the Dolce&Gabbana story, and just as the brand predicted, fans can’t get enough. 


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