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DAVID BECKHAM is beautiful. Talented. Kind. He seems like a guy you’d like to spend a day with, maybe take him to a Wetherspoons and enjoy some kind of pie. But, it turns out, he’s thoroughly wrong about one major thing.

In episode three of Beckham, the Netflix series about David and Victoria that everyone has been watching, the titular character gives documentarian Fisher Stevens a tour of his closet. It’s immaculate, organised by type of clothing as well as colour coordinated. During the tour, he gently places his tattooed hand on his hanging clothes and says: “Jackets, jean shirts, shirts, and then it goes from jumpers, cardis, to t-shirts.”

Did you catch that? This man. This beautiful, talented, kind man hangs his jumpers on a hanger. With all due respect to Beckham, this is a terrible idea—you should never do it.


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I know that seems like a minor concern. But when you hang your jumpers on a hanger, you stretch them out. They lose their shape. If you’re particularly careless, you may well push those poor, benighted fibres so far that they break. A pullover that’s designed to hug your neck and shoulders will, after too much time on a hanger, hug your elbows and love handles instead. It’ll try its best. But it won’t look the part. The best way to care for a beloved jumper is to fold it comfortably on a shelf. It’s a simple thing, sure, but it makes a world of difference.

So, if you really want to succeed in life, do almost everything like David Beckham. But don’t hang your damn jumpers.

This story originally appeared on Esquire UK.


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