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IF THERE is one thing (other than singing) that Harry Styles knows how to do, it’s quicken the rate of heartbeats around the world. And his latest release is aimed at just doing that. 

‘Pleasing,’ Styles’ lifestyle line, which has so far consisted of nail varnish, skincare, lip balm and relaxed fashion pieces, has expanded to include a collection of three sultry fragrances. Designed in collaboration with leading eco-conscious perfume house Robertet and perfumer Jerôme Épinette, who is best known for his varied work spanning Byredo, Vilhelm Parfumerie, Atelier Cologne, Boy Smells and Victoria Beckham Beauty and has even worked with Ariana Grande on two of her releases, the three scents are hedonistic, horny, but according to Pleasing CEO, Shaun Kearney, refreshingly designed with elegant restraint. 

“We made a conscious effort to kind of steer away from the overly-complex scents that we’re seeing in the market,” said Kearney told The Business of Fashion. “Our launch really celebrates this level of simplicity.” In keeping with said restraint, and bucking the trend of celebrity fragrances, Styles won’t not fronting the line’s imagery either. “We really wanted to really let the product and the storytelling kind of speak for itself,” he said. 


The three sensual eau de parfums are:


A long warm day lingers, held in place, then swept away by a gentle breeze. Evening descends, a door opens. A brush, a touch, a whispered yes.Skin pressed against skin, soft, matte, glowing underneath the light of the moon, while still, deep water reflects swift-moving clouds from above.

Top: Australian pink pepper extract, cardamom EO, clean sheets accord.

Mid: Orris butter, carrot seed France, bamboo.

Dry: Indian papyrus, cashmere woods, salted musk.

Bright, Hot 

Fading into sleep beneath the hot sun. Eyelids gently, slowly shut, the orange hue behind closed eyes transforms into a canvas for a dream. An exhilarating adventure. Time slips away, basking in a midday reverie.

Top: Plum, tobacco leaves.

Mid: Orris butter, marine accord.

Dry: Cedarwood, tonka bean absolute, vanilla absolute Madagascar, crisp amber.


A delightful encounter with a stranger. Strolling, wandering, floating like tiny specks caught dancing in the slanting light of an unfamiliar room. Time suspends, the space remains constant, the centre of an old world, new again.

Top: Ambrette seeds, lemon, black pepper Madagascar.

Mid: White linen accord, poplin blossom.

Dry: Ambroxan, skin musk.

When will Harry Styles’ Pleasing fragrances be released in Australia?

Over the past three months, Pleasing has been teasing fans by sneaking samples into customer orders. But now, they are finally available to purchase from UK department store Selfridges and online via the brand’s website (although, currently sold out).

Both retailers do ship to Australia, though Pleasing is currently only available to residents of New South Wales, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory. Shipping is also a little pricey, with those based in the lucky regions needing to pay upwards of $70. However, we might have more luck as the brand expands into the US and into Dover Street Market. Kearney said Pleasing will be making fashion and beauty a priority, and is also looking at new experiences, partnerships and collaborations, so here’s hoping that plan includes investing in a presence across Australia. 


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