Tommy Hilfiger poses with SZA at the brand’s ‘Brunch with a Twist’. Photography: Cassidy Meyers.

FASHION PARTIES are curious occasions. Full of beautiful people, they are often held in extravagant locations with catering that borders on the absurd. At risk of sounding like a fashion party sceptic, I’ll admit that sometimes, the spectacle can feel a little… manufactured. But Tommy Hilfiger’s ‘Brunch with a Twist’ at this year’s New York Fashion Week was anything but.

Now, I’ll admit— I was a little hesitant. Firstly, this ‘brunch’ started at 2pm. Now, call me old fashioned but that’s a late lunch at best (I was later informed that unlike Australia, where brunch takes place strictly between the hours of 10am and midday, New Yorkers extend the occasion well into the afternoon). Nonetheless, I did as the invite instructed and arrived at the private club Maxwell Tribeca ready for a mimosa, hoping for the best.

Actor Lukas Gage. Photography: Yvonne Tnt/BFA
Quavo. Photography: Yvonne Tnt/BFA

As we all know, the sign of any good party is how early the dance floor gets going. You don’t want to be that lone figure cutting shapes while everyone watches on, rolling their eyes and acting like you’re the odd one for dancing at a party. Even at the best of times you expect a slight warm up period. Time enough to get a drink, loosen the inhibitions, and make the plunge. Not on Tommy Hilfiger’s watch. By ten past two, the DJ had guests flocking to the dance floor like bees to honey. There was twerking, laughing and, yes, fun.

And here’s why. Tommy Hilfiger events aren’t like other fashion events because Tommy Hilfiger isn’t like most fashion brands. While some are trying desperately to seek a new demographic, Tommy Hilfiger knows exactly who it is. Built on a preppy foundation in the 1980s, the brand slowly transitioned to incorporate a more laid back, street aesthetic in the ’90s, when it was famously adopted by the hip-hop crowd—that 1996 Tommy Jeans campaign featuring Aaliyah and Mark Ronson is nothing short of iconic.

Since then, the brand has evolved at a steady pace, acknowledging current trends without losing its DNA; 38 years after its inception it’s able to toe the line between contemporary and classic. After all, Tommy is a brand that simply makes you feel good. It doesn’t have to try too hard. It just works. A lot like today’s party, in fact.

SZA poses at Tommy Hilfiger’s ‘Brunch with a Twist’. Photography: Cassidy Meyers.

Guests included the superstar SZA—who recently starred in Tommy Hilfiger’s autumn 2023 campaign—legendary R’n’B producer Babyface; rising rap star Fridayy; actress Lala Anthony; and, rocking up with hundreds of what looked like nails in his hair, the musician Teezo Touchdown.

It was a unique group of people, but everyone there was united by their shared love for this storied American brand— with belonging and togetherness forming major themes from Tommy’s autumn 2023 campaign and collection. Inside Maxwell Tribeca, guests let their guards down and enjoyed themselves. When Tommy Hilfiger is hosting, it’s how these things tend to go.


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