What you see here is the brand spanking new Jaeger Le-Coultre Duomètre Chronograph Moon. Its name reveals its greatest attributes: it unites chronograph and moonphase complications with the dual-wing concept that defines the Duomètre family it emerges from.

For those who don’t speak watch, ‘chronograph’ means it doubles as a stopwatch, ‘moonphase’ means there’s a dial that keeps tabs on the sun-lit portion of the moon, and ‘dual-wing’ is a movement patented by JLC (in 2007, with the birth of Duomètre) that integrates two independent power supplies – one dedicated to powering the complications, the other to precise timekeeping – into a single calibre.

What the name doesn’t reveal, however, is that it’s of an entirely new hand-wound calibre: Calibre 391. A highly complex and aesthetically pleasing one, thanks to open-worked sections on the dial.

The watchmaking maison has married a copper-coloured dial with a platinum case for the launch. Also, a silver dial with a pink gold case, as seen below.

A hand-stitched alligator strap with small-scale alligator lining completes each design.


The expansion to the Duomètre line doesn’t stop there.


The Duométre Heliotourbillon Perpetual.

Like the above, its moniker calls attention to two of its key characteristics.

The former: Heliotourbillon – an up-to-the-minute configuration that comprises three titanium cases rotating on three axes. It’s one up on the Gyrotourbillon, a dual-axis complication developed by JLC that responds to the effects of gravity in all positions a wristwatch might face (the traditional tourbillon originated as a component for pocket watches).

The latter: Perpetual – a calendar complication which boasts a Grande Date display (an element highly coveted by watch collectors) and – get this – isn’t affected by the hours and minutes being set backwards or forwards (an element that makes things a little less fiddly).

The Calibre 388 watch also brags a moonphase complication and an alligator strap.

One more.


The new Duométre Quantiéme Lunaire.

It’s a Calibre 381 watch. Again, moonphase dial, alligator strap.

More interestingly, it’s the first Duomètre ever to be done in steel, a metal set-off nicely by a blue dial – a navy just lighter than the strap.

All four watches are designed with the latest Duomètre case.

With this, Jaeger Le-Coultre nods to its very own collection of 19th-century pocket watches – the very inspiration for the Duomètre concept (the genesis of the dual-wing construction lies within a chronometer pocket watch that dates back to 1881).

Everything’s a little rounder than it was before which the marque says makes it “a joy to handle”.

A joy to wear, too, we’re sure.


This article originally appeared on Esquire UK