Photography: Hector Clark

IF ANY BRAND IS BUILT TO DESIGN the quintessential winter fragrance, it’s Moncler. Born in the French alps in the 1950s, the luxury outerwear brand believes subzero temps are to be embraced, not endured. Its opulent down jackets and stylish après-ski gear cater to adventure seekers of the urban and outdoor sort.

But as we know, no seasonal wardrobe is complete without a seasonally-appropriate scent. And Les Sommets Moncler, the brand’s new five-scent fragrance collection, will have you rushing to switch your bottle of proverbial summer for a heady cool-weather varietal.

Be it the smoky inflections of Haitian vetiver in Le Bois Glacé, hints of cypress in La Cordée, or the aromas of patchouli and sandalwood that’s peppered throughout the entire collection — these fragrances contain notes that can help cement cosy winter memories. Whether it be evenings spent in front of the campfire, or brisk morning adventures to the local footy; winter is a time for living, not lying dormant. The scents in Les Sommets Moncler, which are brought together by facets of wood, form a potent reminder of this. One whiff of Le Bois Glacé, our personal favourite, and you’ll find yourself Googling ‘flights to Verbier’.

And because aesthetics absolutely matter, Moncler has bottled the Les Sommets Moncler collection in handsome brown glass vessels. The collection marks the next chapter in the brand’s fragrance odyssey, a journey that began in 2021 with the launch of Moncler Pour Femme and Moncler Pour Homme, two scents imbued with alpine accents inspired by the beauty of the great outdoors.

If you’ve found yourself resisting the cold, let Moncler help you lean into it with a seductive spray of their new offerings. When it comes to winter and making it memorable, Moncler knows better than most.

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