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GONE ARE are the days of using a bar of soap and gym towel to wash your face. Comprised of special treatments, scientific ingredients, and advanced gadgets, it’s safe to say that now are our grooming routines are as sacred as Rafael Nadal’s on-court rituals. If you’ve come to be rather proud of your grooming routine, you’re not alone. The appetite for skincare products amongst men has grown considerably in recent years, and it’s estimated that the male grooming industry has a worldwide market value of over $78 billion.

While half of this spending is devoted to the traditional products like razors, shaving creams and various hairstyling products, the fact remains that we’re more invested in our grooming than ever before. It’s why our bathroom shelves no longer house a decade-old cologne bottle, can of LYNX deodorant and razor that could do with an upgrade. In their place you’re more likely to find devices targeting fine lines, skin masks, body moisturisers, and even the odd bit of makeup.

With celebrities like Pharrell Williams bringing their love of grooming to the masses with skincare lines, it’s safe to say demand is only set to increase. Much of this is owing to TikTok, which has seen a 389 per cent year-on-year increase in videos around male skincare search terms like #menskincare and #menskincareroutine. On Instagram, the #mensgrooming hashtag has over 3.2 million posts.

But with any industry boom comes a saturated market, and when it comes to grooming, navigating what products to use is no easy feat. From those that are all hype, to the staples that every man should have in their grooming kit, merely staying up to date with each product launch is enough to leave you exhausted. Thankfully, we’ve considered the biggest trends in men’s grooming that we imagine to be huge next year.

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Spray tans are in, sunbaking is out

Baking under the relentless glare of the sun is never in style. But for those who still want to wear a tan during the summer months, know that the spray tan is proving popular. With tanning salons using only the highest quality ingredients and offering efficient services, sunless tanning has seen more and more men jump onboard.


Organic products reign supreme

Just as we look to eat organically where possible in our diets, the same is being witnessed in our grooming routines. Organic products are all the rage and aside from being more sustainable and eco-friendly, the ingredients used are often more gentle on the skin and less prone to cause sensitivity or an adverse reaction. We’re seeing this a lot with organic deodorants which don’t use synthetic fragrances, but you can expect the use of organic products to grow considerably.


Age gracefully – with gadgets

With tech CEOs and entrepreneurs looking to bio-hack their health to live forever, it seems our fixation with ageing gracefully (or avoiding it entirely) is at an all time high. When it comes to our grooming routines, anti-ageing treatments and products have sustained their popularity. With ingredients that work to repair, rejuvenate and protect cells, more men are incorporating actives like A’s and C’s into their grooming routines. They’re also embracing masks which can be work.

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Work smarter, not harder

With our busy lifestyles, it’s safe to say no-one has time for an elaborate grooming routine that requires 12 different products and at least an hour to get through. Instead, we’re working smarter—not harder, and focusing our attention on quality ingredients and products that are sure to get results. Now, males are stripping back their routines to focus on the three basic steps: washing, moisturising and sun protection. Take note of your skin type and concerns, and then find the products best suited to your needs.


Sun protection at all times

Every preschooler chanted the lines “slip, slop, slap” while armed with a bottle of sunscreen, and yet when it comes to our own grooming routines, it’s a lesson that is often learned the hard way. If you haven’t yet come to grasp the importance of sunscreen, know that the trend is here to stay. With Australia being a country rife with melanoma and skin cancer, it’s never been more important to protect your skin. The bonus? You’ll age better, too.

Opting for a sunscreen with a high SPF is critical, and brands are now providing sunscreen that is waterproof, sweatproof and recommended while playing sports. It should be applied first thing in the morning before you head out the house, before being reapplied later on during the day.


CBD-infused products

While CBD is yet to be made freely available here in Australia, its use in grooming products has skyrocketed. Across the world, a number of grooming products are being infused with CBD due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties. From face creams to shampoos and body washes, these CBD-infused products are becoming more popular than ever before, particularly amongst males


Monthly facials as self-care

With self-care becoming something of a buzzword of late, men are jumping on the trend. The monthly facial has become a staple in many an individual’s routine, especially now that a number of treatments offered specifically target men’s skincare concerns. Whether it’s acne, wrinkles, blackheads or fine lines that you’re concerned about, you’ll be able to find a facial that caters to your needs. And with advanced skincare products and gadgets often being used during the process, you’ll emerge refreshed and invigorated, with a stunning visage to boost.

Take a holistic approach

Perhaps most importantly, more men are acknowledging the fact that when it comes to grooming, it’s more than the products we slather on our faces. Rather, exercising self-care is a fundamental grooming practice and one that’s seen males embrace a holistic approach to their wellness. From the foods we eat to promote healthy skin, to the exercise we do and hours of sleep gained, we’re looking at grooming from the inside first, knowing that it all starts with how we feel within.

When it comes to the male grooming industry, you can be sure trends will continue to come faster than a TikTok dance craze. But when it comes to investing in products that are guaranteed to get results, it’s all about going back to basics. With skincare companies utilising new technologies and the highest quality ingredients, there’s no shortage of options on the market. The trick is approaching it with your whole health in view, knowing it’s not just about protecting your skin from the outside, but engaging in self-care to promote overall wellness, too.


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