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THERE IS AN exceedingly fine line between dork and DILF. A$AP Rocky, for one, evidently leans towards the latter. As do a number of stylish celebrity dads. It’s not easy making the transition from a child-free bachelor who’s up all night partying, to an exhausted homebody who’s up all night tending to the whims of wailing babies, and much harder to do so without losing some fashion sense along the way. Few have mastered the art of dad dressing, but if done correctly, the payoff can be magnificent. A$AP can testify to that point.

Last month, A$AP and Rihanna (you may have heard of her) welcomed baby number two. While he’s likely been busy changing diapers and losing sleep, A$AP has briefly emerged from newborn hibernation, sporting a look which reminds us that becoming a dad doesn’t automatically make you less cool—at least in the eyes of everyone other than your children.

Given that he definitely has more important baby-related matters on his mind, Rocky could be forgiven for not looking his best in a sartorial sense, but the rapper needs no such excuses. In his first appearance since the birth of his second child, A$AP made a statement, seamlessly blending casual with luxury in a look that’s ideal for a dad on the go, but could also pass as suitable business attire, albeit in a highly casual workplace.

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Ok, let’s go through the obligatory fit check. A$AP can be seen wearing a J6 by James Garland hoodie, easy breezy Puma shorts that could pass as active wear, and some extremely dad-like ASICS runners (I think my dad has the same pair). Oh, and he’s topped it off with a Birkin bag.

Now, you may be thinking A$AP’s outfit is nothing special. In fact, apart from the Birkin bag, you might assume there’s nothing to write home about and that the 34-year-old simply grabbed the first garments he saw in his wardrobe. But a closer inspection reveals it’s a heavily curated look, and proof that dad-wear can be fashionable.

In A$AP’s case, balance and subtlety are what makes the outfit work. You don’t need expensive designer brands to look good, and while dadhood might leave less time for keeping up with fashion trends, it doesn’t have to spell the end of your relationship with clothing of the urbane variety.

With Father’s Day right around the corner, it can’t hurt to give yourself a revamp. Remember, keep it simple, prioritise subtlety over boastfulness, and don’t overdo it. There’s nothing worse than filling your wardrobe with trendy contemporary articles, only for them to make you look like you’re trying too hard to stay in touch with an era of style that has long since passed you by.

The most stylish celebrity dads

For inspiration, here’s some of the most stylish celebrity dads who prove becoming a father doesn’t mean you can’t be cool anymore. The proof is in the pudding, and style is always a choice.

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John Legend

John Legend recently welcomed his fourth (yes, fourth!) kid with wife Chrissy Teigen. A Grammy and Oscar winner, Legend’s illustrious career has been exactly that: one of legend. The singer also has a reputation as a particularly snazzy dresser to boot.

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Ryan Reynolds

Hollywood heavyweight and upstart football club owner Ryan Reynolds has four kids with Blake Lively. The actor has never been overly adventurous in his style (can’t go wrong with a black-and-white suit), but has routinely kept with the times long since becoming a father.

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Chris Hemsworth

The man who brings everyone’s favourite Norse god to life has three children. On top of having a physique worthy of the gods, Hemsworth has always favoured a tried and tested casual wardrobe, with denim jeans a staple. Not clothing should matter all that much to Hemsworth, when you’re built like that, anything looks good.

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David Beckham

Frenetic footballer turned global fashion icon David Beckham is an obvious choice for most stylish dad. Becks has been a father since his mid-20s, and rather than impede his style, dadhood seems to have improved it, as he’s become an influential figure in the fashion industry since welcoming kids and retiring from his sporting day job.

It’s also fair to say some of Becks’ covetable fashion sense has trickled down to his children. With Brooklyn and Romeo Beckham both moonlighting as models.

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Jay-Z is living the life with wife Beyoncé and three kids. Hov has always been close with eldest daughter Blue Ivy, and the pair often coordinate outfits for public appearances.

There’s lessons to be learnt from Jay-Z’s style. After all, if your daughter is taking after your fashion taste rather than her pop-star mothers, you must be doing something right.

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Orlando Bloom

Orlando Bloom has two kids. The first with model Miranda Kerr, and the second with singer Katy Perry. The actor frequents fashion weeks and has commonly fronted campaigns for global brands, most recently Hugo Boss.

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Lenny Kravitz

If you’re looking for a prime example of how fashion sense can age with grace, look no further than Lenny Kravitz. The rockstar is approaching 60, and his style hasn’t missed a beat. Kravitz’ only child, daughter Zoë, is also a modish dresser in her own right, possibly proving that fashion sense is genetic.

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Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling‘s style, much like his acting career, has garnered more attention as he’s aged (and become a dad). With the success of Barbie, Gosling might be the most recognisable actor on the planet right now. And with that much attention comes a great responsibility to imbue a trendsetting, contemporary style on your many followers, and Gosling does so exceptionally.


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