Winter Fragrances
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USUALLY, when I see somebody wearing the coveted, instantly-sold-out sneakers that I couldn’t manage to score myself, I get a little bit jealous. But when it’s Pedro Pascal, and he’s wearing Rich Paul x New Balance 550s, it’s somehow okay – firstly, because it’s Pedro, and secondly, because he wears them so damn well.

Really – I’m happy for him! Every fashionhead knows (and wants) a pair of Rich Paul New Balances, and if anyone has ’em, it should be Pedro Pascal. While filming The Materialists in New York today, he stepped out in the shoes (which are already a bit scuffed up, indicating he’s given them some love prior to today) and a big, baggy vintage Lakers tee, with some jeans.

Gotham//Getty Images

Perfect sneakers, perfect fit combo. Seriously, Pascal looks like a drippy, off-duty celeb—oh, wait.

These sneakers are part of Rich Paul’s ongoing collabs with New Balance, which have already turned out a few iconic kicks. But when one of the best sports agents in the biz links with one of the best shoemakers in the biz, what else could be expected besides a damn cool, comfy pair of sneakers?

Because Rich Paul’s New Balance 550s are so high in demand, they’re currently only available at StockX, and with a pretty steep markup, too. But don’t sweat—as always, we’ve got you covered. Below, you can shop New Balance 550s that just need a dope T-shirt, some fitted jeans, and probably a great ‘stache, too, for the Pedro Pascal look.

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A version of this story originally appeared on Esquire US