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TAKE YOUR CREDIT CARDS out of the freezer, Confessions of a Shopaholic style, because Tyler, the Creator’s capsule collection with Louis Vuitton has officially touched down in Australia. The collection launched in Louis Vuitton’s Australian stores today, March 21, which means that Australian fans can purchase pieces from the ultimate fashion/music team up – that of Pharrell Williams, creative director of Louis Vuitton menswear, and Tyler. Highlights from the capsule include luggage decorated with Tyler’s reinterpretation of the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram, which he hand drew in a wiggly fashion and crowned the ‘Craggy Monogram’.

It’s been a little over a year since Pharrell Williams became the creative director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear universe, and a little under a year since he presented his first collection for the French fashion house. In that short space of time, it’s become clear that Pharrell plans to approach his fashion collections in a similar way to how he approached (and continues to approach) his musical endeavours. And that’s by opening the door to let others in. 

Enter Tyler, the Creator. Back in February, Tyler, Pharrell and Louis Vuitton dropped a suitably sweet capsule collection, which was teased on Pharrell’s @skateboard finsta, by way of a photo of Tyler holding an LV headquarters pass.

Seventeen looks strong, it blends Tyler’s signature preppy style (rest assured there are cable knit sweaters) with the ‘modern dandy’ look Pharrell has been honing since joining Louis Vuitton. There are excellent denim dungarees, shorts with pleats and fold-ups, a green grass-effect fleece jacket and more golf-inspired pieces than we can swing a 7 iron at. 

There’s also a leather golf bag rendered in a green version of Louis Vuitton’s ‘damier’ print and matching headcovers for your clubs. Way to make the boys on the fairway jealous. 

With the Australian launch comes some fresh campaign images. Photography: Luis Perez

Tyler seems to have taken quite an involved approach to this collection, with a variety of very ‘Tyler’ motifs sprinkled throughout. The hand-drawn ‘Craggy Monogram’, for example, appears in Neapolitan ice cream shades, which were apparently inspired by the colours of a patisserie (delicious). Meanwhile, a print of the Igor rapper’s beloved Airedale Terriers features across jackets and bags. Tyler, a bag-a-holic, has also revamped the largest trunk on the luxury brand’s roster, the Courrier Lozine 110 trunk, by covering it in his colourful, Craggy print. 

Tyler is also a big fan of cereal (he released a limited edition cereal with Cap’n Crunch as part of his Igor album rollout), and the accessories component of his Louis Vuitton capsule also includes a cereal bowl and matching spoon. And then there’s the chessboard, with pieces that resemble melting chocolate hand-sketched by Tyler, The Creator. 

“The chessboard is one of the greatest things I’ve made and is definitely my favourite thing from the collection,” said the rapper. Apologies to the Courrier Lozine 110. 

A small golf bag is among the leather goods portion of the capsule. Photography: Luis Perez
A chessboard is also part of the offering. Photography: Luis Perez

But more than being full of cool, quirky pieces – pieces which, given the success of Tyler’s own fashion brands Golf Wang and Golf Le Fleur, will sell well – this team-up is representative of what Pharrell, a prolific entertainer, is setting out to achieve at LV. 

“This collaboration is unique to Louis Vuitton because it’s a natural extension of our LVERS philosophy, building on our network of incredible artists and creatives,” explained Pharrell of his intention. 

Bringing the brand further into the canon of popular culture is evidently a high priority for the creative director, and one that he, an honorary member of this particular canon, is in a position to execute and execute well. 

Tyler summed it up perfectly in the collection’s official notes: “P has always left a door open for me, but I still can’t believe this one.” 

Weeeee! Photography: Luis Perez

Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2024 Men’s capsule by Tyler, the Creator is officially available to purchase in Louis Vuitton’s Australian boutiques. Find your nearest store here.


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