Men's jewellery brands Australia
R.08 icon black diamond ring, $7,300, R.08 icon diamond ring, $8,950, R.08 bold diamond bangle, $31,950, and R.08 artisan men’s diamond ring, $17,950, all by Anton; jeans, POA, by Balenciaga. Styling: Patrick Zaczkiewicz. Photography: Alex Wall

IT’S TIME TO BECOME a jewellery guy. Not only is a delicate silver chain or chunky signet ring the key to an unbeatable outfit—right now, the men’s jewellery offering in Australia is the coolest it’s ever been. We introduce you to six brands we can’t stop wearing.

Anton (above)

Sesil Arzadian’s jewellery is inherently modern, yet the brand started by her father, Anton Bahar, has a rich history stretching back almost 30 years. Arzadian “places a strong emphasis on incorporating elements like black diamonds and blue sapphires with yellow gold”. A reflection, she says, of the way Aussie guys are growing more comfortable with mixing metals.


Men's jewellery brands Australia Sener Besim
Spear double earrings, $350, silver spear choker, $1,500, gold spear choker, $1,500, and spear bangle, $680, all by Şener Besim; trousers, $2,750, and car coat (wrapped around waist), $4,390, by Burberry. Photography: Alex Wall.

Şener Besim

Inspired by Architecture, stillness and “the metaphysical”, Şener Besim makes cerebral pieces of jewellery for a “post fashion world”, such as the striking silver ‘Spear’ pieces pictured here. “Fashion tends to be motivated by speed and change,” says the designer. “Fine jewellery operates at a different pace and has a timelessness that intrigues me.”


Men's jewellery brands Australia Seb Brown
Olive ring, $3,450, and byzantine ring, $2,900, by Seb Brown. Styling: Patrick Zaczkiewicz. Photography: Alex Wall.

Seb Brown

Handmade from recycled metals and peppered with precious stones, Seb Brown’s one-of-a-kind pieces are effectively wearable art—his coloured sapphires and bright diamonds can be seen decorating the hands of cool and interesting people all over the world. The Melbourne-based jeweller is particularly inspired by the “long relationship between the piece and the wearer”. Right now, his ingenious ‘Le Rat’ earrings are proving quite the hit.


Men's jewellery brands Australia Sarah & Sebastian
Traction hoop earring, from $450, diamond lock bracelet, $2,500, Traction diamond signet ring, $2,500, Chase ring, $1,900, Chase V ring, $2,900, and Traction split ring, $1,500, all by Sarah And Sebastian; shirt, $1,100, and pants, $1,850, by Gucci; mule, POA, by Balenciaga. Styling: Patrick Zaczkiewicz. Photography: Alex Wall.

Sarah & Sebastian

It might be synonymous with the finest of fine jewellery, but since launching its men’s range in August 2023, Sarah & Sebastian co-founder Robert Sebastian Grynkofki says bold pieces like its ‘Traction’ signet ring, which is inspired by actual tyre treads, have been popular with guys who view jewellery not as a ‘trend’ but an extension of their style: “Men’s jewellery is no longer limited to traditional pieces like watches or wedding bands.”


Men's jewellery brands Australia Almonte
Pilant pendant necklace, $259, lure cuff, $259, puissance cuff, $699, traipse cuff, $499, linear cuff, $499, coppice cuff, $599, dodecagon ring, $399, stout ring, $259, and three cube ring, $259, all by Almonte; shirt, $1,430, and jeans, $1,700, by Loewe. Styling: Patrick Zaczkiewicz. Photography: Alex Wall.


Having grown up in Japan with “jewellery fanatics” for grandmothers, Michael Almonte has a breadth of influences to draw from. Yet his pieces are meticulously refined; tennis bracelets are among his most popular designs for men. “The idea of someone wearing a crisp shirt, nice jeans and simple yet well-designed jewellery—I find that really sophisticated but effortless.”


Men's jewellery brands Australia Henson
Small cage bracelet, $990, large black cage bracelet, $1,500, curb bracelet, $890, carved thick ring, $440, and 3.4.3 ring, $450, all by Henson. Styling: Patrick Zaczkiewicz. Photography: Alex Wall.


It was the “mini worlds contained in a wearable sculpture” that drew Melbourne- based jeweller Andy Henson to his craft. Which checks out— whether brushed, smoothed or oxidised, the hand-engraved pieces he designs today feel like they contain a story. “I love the idea of hidden things in plain sight, secret messages, and a sense of meaning beyond your comprehension,” he says.



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