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THE SUPER BOWL is much more than a football game. In addition to the game’s many superlative qualities, it’s also the biggest advertising event on the calendar. This year, a 30-second time slot during the big game’s broadcast costs between $10 and $11 million AUD—a hefty fee, one that only the biggest brands can afford. But it’s likely worth it, with a viewing audience of more than 100 million, the Super Bowl is unrivalled in its ability to get eyeballs on ads—with a mostly captive audience to boot.

Every year the Super Bowl’s stoppages in play are filled with famous faces—from iconic athletes to Hollywood heavyweights—and equally famous brands. This year will be no different, with a range of big-budget commercials scheduled, bathroom breaks will need to be impeccably timed if you want to avoid missing out on anything. But if you do miss out, or are simply not bothered to sit through six hours of football for a few commercials, you can catch them all here.

We’ve rounded up the best commercials from the 2024 Super Bowl in one convenient location. Find them all below.

What are the best commercials from the 2024 Super Bowl?

Lionel Messi and Ted Lasso collab for Michelob Ultra

Anthony Hopkins becomes Wred the Dragon with a STōK Cold Brew

The stars align with Uber Eats. Jennifer Aniston, David Schwimmer, David and Victoria Beckham + more

Budweiser’s Clydesdale horses ride again

Tom Brady returns to the Super Bowl for BetMGM

Mullets, mullets and more mullets with Kawasaki

Oreos alter human history with Kris Jenner

Mini Parks and Recreation reunion with Aubrey Plaza and Nick Offerman, courtesy of Mountain Dew

Jason Momoa and the Scrubs cast are hooked on a T-Mobile feeling

Christopher Walken drives a BMW, with an appearance from halftime performer Usher

Hellman’s has a talking cat… and it’s dating Pete Davidson

Eric Andre meets Dr. Umstick for Drumstick


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