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FROM THE Bourne Identity to Good Omens, Iron Will and of course, the intimidating Logan Roy in Succession, if there ever was someone who has repeatedly served pure evil in his performances and done so with such panache, it’s Brian Cox. So it’s no shocker that, of course, his dream role is to play a James Bond villain. 

So when an elusive project titled 007: Road to a Million was offered to the Scottish actor, he thought he had finally been offered his chance to be sinister and shine. Except the Prime Video show was not in fact, the next Bond film, but a reality show inspired by the British spy story. Sure it’s not the Bond film we all want, but judging by the global appetite for reality TV compared to spy films, maybe it’s the one we deserve? Not Cox, though. He deserves the real deal.

During an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the actor admitted to the misunderstanding—where he thought he had signed up to his dream role. “I thought it was the new James Bond film,” he said. “So I said, ‘Oh, finally, they’re getting me in a James Bond’, and I thought, ‘Yes, of course!’” But after Cox agreed to star as ‘The Controller’—the mastermind behind the series who sends willing contestants on spy-like missions—he realised that there was no script and no James Bond movie.

“For years, I thought, you know, I would love to be in James Bond,” he said. “It would be really interesting. And I thought this was my moment, but it wasn’t.” Heartbroken. But in good spirits, he went ahead with the series, which somewhat teases his hopeful role as a future Bond baddie. “I always loved Roger Moore because Roger Moore was so witty,” Cox told Variety at the premiere of the series, while also praising his countryman, Sean Connery. “Bond got less witty as he went on and became quite serious. I was in the Bourne films and I think the Bourne films may have had an effect on the Bond [films]. I’m not sure.”

Since Daniel Craig has put his tux into storage, the question around who will play the next generation Bond is still a rumour that swirls every few months, but we do know for one thing. For the sake of all that is evil and menacing, someone please place a hairless cat in Cox’s lap as he conjures up his next villainous plan. We beg you. 


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