'The Narrow Road to the Deep North'

BETWEEN SALTBURN, PRISCILLA and that one specific TikTok edit, 2023 really was the year of Jacob Elordi. This year, the actor has returned to home shores, continuing his streak of lead roles (and period dramas) in the upcoming Australian drama series, The Narrow Road to the Deep North.

An adaptation of Richard Flanagan’s Booker Prize-winning novel of the same name, the series will star Elordi as Lieutenant-Colonel Dorrigo Evans. The trajectory of Evans’ life is reshaped by a brief love affair with a woman named Amy Mulvaney, played by Shirley‘s Odessa Young, and the story of its fallout is told over multiple decades (think One Day, but set against the backdrop of World War II).

So far, distributors Prime Video have only released two images from the series, including a first look at Elordi in character. But that’s not to say we know nothing else about it. Scroll on for everything to know about The Narrow Road to the Deep North—including who else is included in the starry young, Aussie cast.

'The Narrow Road to the Deep North' jacob elordi

What is The Narrow Road to the Deep North about?

The Narrow Road to the Deep North is a new five-part drama series set against the shadows of the Second World War. Given that the Prime Video series is based on Flanagan’s novel, we can assume the plot will be relatively similar to the book’s.

The story centres around Elordi’s character, who we follow across multiple time periods. It begins with Evans’ experience as a prisoner-of-war on the Thailand-Burma Railway during WWII, an experience he is clearly haunted by when we find him later in life, as a respected doctor and Australian war hero. The tale also explores an affair Evans had with his uncle’s wife, and how its fallout would go on to shape the trajectory of his life.

Described as both “a love story to sustain audiences through the darkest of times,” and “an intimate character study illustrating the strength of the human spirit,” by Prime Video, it sure sounds as though we’re in for a gripping viewing experience.

There is no trailer available yet but if you want to spoil it for yourself, you can pick up a copy of Flanagan’s text here.

The Narrow Road to the Deep North cast

In addition to Elordi and Young, The Narrow Road to the Deep North features a stellar cast of both young and iconic talent.

Namely, Boy Swallows Universe and Breath star (and all-round national treasure) Simon Baker is on board, as well as Elvis‘ Olivia DeJonge and Heartbreak High breakout star Thomas Weatherall. The Babadook’s Essie Davis will also star, while Belfast‘s Ciarán Hinds features as the older version of Elordi’s character.

Simon Baker in Boy Swallows Universe | NETFLIX
Olivia DeJonge in Elvis | WARNER BROS.
Thomas Weatherall in Heartbreak High | NETFLIX

Plenty more new and familiar faces will appear in the series, too, with Prime most recently announcing the following cast additions: William Lodder, Eduard Geyl, Christian Byers, Sam Parsonson, Reagan Mannix, Fabian McCallum, Caelan McCarthy, David Howell, Taki Abe, Masa Yamaguchi, and Akira Fujii.

The Narrow Road to the Deep North release date

No release date for The Narrow Road to the Deep North has been announced yet, however, we know it has wrapped production in New South Wales.

It will be available to stream on Prime Video in Australia, New Zealand and Canada.