THANKS TO THE BOUNTY of healthy meal delivery services we have here in Australia, long gone are the Sundays of meal prep past. That means no more wandering the supermarket trying to figure out what you’ll feel like eating for the next seven days, only to get halfway through the week and decide you never want to eat that chicken cacciatore again. Even for those who enjoy cooking, meal delivery services offer a helping hand. For those who don’t have a culinary bone in their body, but want to eat well, they’re nothing short of a game-changing revelation. 

From pre-portioned groceries to vacuum-sealed made-to-order meals, no matter your fitness goals, time constraints or dietary needs, the customisable nature of meal delivery services means there’s truly something out there for everyone. On top of that, many Australian meal delivery brands are acutely aware of the environmental load of meat, vegetable and food production, taking steps to ensure that sustainability remains at the forefront of their business. 

But with so many options on the market,  what are the best healthy meal delivery services in Australia? Here, we round up the services we’ve tried and loved, from Soulera to Hello Fresh, Dinnerly and more.


My Muscle Chef

If you’re looking for something less sludgy than your homemade protein shake, but that still hits your macro goals and tastes like real food, My Muscle Chef is probably going to tick your boxes. While you’ve no doubt seen them on frozen food shelves across Australia, My Muscle Chef’s healthy meal delivery service allows you to reclaim time otherwise spent slaving over the chopping board. 

Whether it’s weight loss, calorie control or muscle gain you’re looking for, My Muscle Chef’s delivery service starts at around $235 per week for a customised five-day plan. It also offers over 70 products across pre-made meals, snacks and shakes, as well as different kinds of bundles including keto, vegetarian, and couple packs.

Esquire’s top meal pick: Asian Chicken Stir Fry with Hokkien Noodles



It’s been operating in Australia for over a decade, meaning by now, Hello Fresh is synonymous with meal kit delivery services Down Under. A subscription includes 25 fresh recipes per week with a rotating selection of delicious desserts, snacks, and sides. 

The best thing about HelloFresh, however, is the ability to customise your meal box from week to week, allowing you to swap, add or upgrade ingredients and double servings. You can also skip a week or cancel at any time–though we doubt you’ll want to. Full control–without having to touch a spatula.

Esquire’s top meal pick: Easy Beef Brisket & Mushroom Gnocchi with Parmesan & Tomato-Rocket Salad


Marley Spoon

With over 70 recipes to choose from weekly, Marley Spoon’s meal delivery service offers meat, fish, vegetarian, and low-calorie healthy meals suited to most dietary requirements. 

Delivered to your door in reusable packaging, a two-person box with five meals will set you back roughly $66.89. If you’re feeding a few more mouths, or want to swap out some ingredients for extra calories, customisations are readily available on the website. It’s as simple as that. 

Esquire’s top meal pick: Low-Carb Grilled Chicken



A meal kit service that provides pre-portioned ingredients to cook at home, signing up to Dinnerly means that you get to enjoy the efficiency of a meal delivery service while learning how to cook easy yet delicious recipes. It’s a win-win situation. 

Each portion is made up of six ingredients as part of a recipe that can be made in 30 minutes or less. And from $5.49 per portion, it’s also one of the more affordable options on the market. 

Esquire’s top meal pick: Mexi-Beef Smash Burgers with the Lot




East-Coast-based Nourishd’s meals are free of preservatives, while their meats are also RSPCA-approved. On top of that, a rotating menu of over 60 items means that when your meals are delivered, you won’t sink into that all-too-familiar food fatigue. 

A commitment to sustainability also means Nourished doesn’t air freight their pre-made meal deliveries and also provide 100 percent recyclable meal and delivery boxes. Nourishd is also the only healthy meal delivery service in Australia that’s fully gluten-free. This one’s for you, coeliacs. 

Esquire’s top meal pick: Korean Sesame Chicken And Broccoli



Founded by former AFL premiership player Jason Johnson and accredited dietitian Karen Inge, Dineamic’s philosophy revolves around bringing athlete-level nutrition to the everyday Australian, which is something we can get behind. 

With pre-made healthy meals starting at $11.50 per serving, Dineamic’s products are made to order entirely from scratch. Operating from a 100 percent carbon-neutral kitchen and using recyclable packaging, it’s a great meal delivery option for someone who’s both environmentally conscious and interested in the intersection of sport, nutrition and performance. 

Esquire’s top meal pick: Butter Chicken With Turmeric Rice & Currants



Soulara is a great choice for plant-based foodies looking for a delivery service that packs a nutritious punch. Crafted with a commitment to sustainability and approved by dieticians, Soulara’s menu is diverse and full of flavours, offering dishes from African, Mediterranean, European, and Mexican cuisines…. just to name a few.

Starting from $86.10 for a medium bundle that’s delivered to your door weekly, with Soulara, you can choose from a delicious range of ready-made meals, snacks, and drinks. 

Esquire’s top meal pick: Supercharged Satay


Lite ‘N Easy

Founded in 1986, Lite ‘N Easy’s pioneering presence in Australia’s burgeoning meal delivery sector has been helping people stay healthy for decades. With over 200 individual meal packs to choose from, Lite ‘N Easy isn’t just known for helping us stay in shape–its meals are renowned for their delicious flavours and taste, as well as their high protein content. 

New subscriptions offer access to their ActiveATE app and flexible delivery options, making it easy to stay on top of a healthy diet. 

Esquire’s top meal pick: Southern Fried Chicken with Slaw

Editor’s note: the prices of all meal delivery services listed here vary depending on the kit and subscription. All details can be found on each service’s website. 


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