Barry keoghan met gala
Barry Keoghan at the 2024 Met Gala. Getty Images

BARRY KEOGHAN doesn’t play is safe. Looking like the ultimate gentleman in velvet Burberry, the Irish actor’s 2024 Met Gala appearance was easily one of the most dramatic of the evening – and high drama is what the spectacle is all about.

An official Burberry ambassador, there was never a doubt Keoghan would be wearing something by the British brand, and indeed, it’s the most British of look. “For Barry, we were thinking about a stylish and eccentric gentleman, the idea of tradition but appropriate to him,” said Burberry creative director Daniel Lee of Keoghan’s fit, which was topped off with an actual top hat.

A sketch of Keoghan’s Met Gala look. Image courtesy of Burberry.

But it was the finishing touches that made this look one of our favourites. In a nod to the 2024 Met Gala theme, ‘Garden of Time’, Keoghan wore a pocket watch, which was clipped to his waistcoat with a shiny silver chain. Pinned to his lapel were a cluster of sparkly brooches – the diamond fox head! – with brooch-like fastenings emerging as one of the event’s biggest menswear trends.

This period-style look is the latest in a long list of excellent fits we’ve seen from Keoghan. Even before the actor’s bathwater-slurping, grave-defiling, menstrual-blood-consuming Saltburn escapades (sorry! *spoilers*) instilled a supreme sense of horror in unsuspecting viewers, the Irishman’s performances in The Killing of a Sacred Deer, Dunkirk and The Banshees of Inisherin earned him widespread critical acclaim—with his role in Banshees landing him an Oscar nomination for best supporting actor.

But Keoghan also has range. His performances engender everything from repulsion to warmth and his erratic styling has much of the same effect. As is often the case with actors who frequent red carpets and are always in the public eye, Keoghan’s had plenty of opportunities to demonstrate his sartorial savvy. And he’s certainly made the most of them, with a range of eccentric award ceremony ‘fits and idiosyncratic casual looks that have made him one of Hollywood’s most influential fashion figures.

Here, we break down some of Keoghan’s best – and most outlandish – styling choices to date, including a healthy spattering of Burberry.

Chrome velvet corduroy at the 2024 Met Gala

Burberry creative director Daniel Lee said he wanted Keoghan to look “gentlemanly”, while still honouring the actor’s personal style, which certainly has a tough edge. We’re not above an eccentric look, so our verdict is: nailed it.

Getty Images

Burberry at the autumn 2024 Burberry show

By now, it’s no secret that Barry is a Burberry fan (we’re still speculating on when his first campaign for the brand will drop, if it will at all), and at the British brand’s most recent runway show, the actor turned out in a quintessentially ‘New Burberry’ fit. What we mean by that is: this look is emblematic of creative director Daniel Lee’s fresh spin on the brand’s quintessential Britishness (see the beige of Burberry’s classic trench coats combined with a high neckline typical of wintry outerwear). Along with these fresh white kicks, the Saltburn star wears it well.

Getty Images

Burberry at the 2024 BAFTA’s

At the British Academy Film Awards, Keoghan rocked yet another architectural fit by Burberry. Sporting military-style shoulders and a boxy jacket, while some have remarked that he resembles a stylish bell boy, we reckon he’s hit the nail on the head here. Bottle green is definitely Barry’s colour, and the chunky boots lend the otherwise structured fit some punk energy. The studs on the lapel are also a cool touch. He may not have taken home the gong for Best Leading Actor in Saltburn (it went to fellow Irishman Cillian Murphy for Oppenheimer), but he certainly made the memorable looks list.

INSTAGRAM | @keoghan92

Bold red Louis Vuitton at the 2024 Golden Globes

Gazing upon Keoghan’s carmine costuming is, ironically, like the opposite of seeing red. This intrepid ‘fit was ripped straight from Pharrell Williams’ maiden runway show in Paris and demonstrates Keoghan’s mastery of over-accessorising. As you work your eyes over this look, you’ll spot a diamond-studded Omega watch and all the trappings of a Tiffany & Co. fixation.

INSTAGRAM | @keoghan92

Sleeveless, midriff Dolce & Gabbana at the Masters of the Air Premiere

Donning this all-white outfit at the recent premiere of Masters of the Air, Keoghan proved he’s not afraid to ditch his shirt sleeves and bare some skin. If Keoghan’s character in Masters of the Air caught a glimpse of this outfit, he’d likely have a similar reaction to most viewers while watching Saltburn’s now infamous bathtub scene. But if anything, this ‘fit proves Keoghan has truly come out of shell in terms of fashion choices. We can only expect even more adventurous looks to follow.

Getty Images | Karwai Tang

Sleeveless Burberry teal at the UK Masters of the Air premiere.

Yes, Barry Keoghan did in fact go sleeveless at both the US and UK premieres of Masters of the Air. Keoghan is making a habit of getting his guns out on the red carpet, are we sensing a theme? His Burberry-covered top-half certainly outshines Austin Butler’s standard suit and tie here.

Getty Images | Emma McIntyre

Ruffles galore at 2023 Governor’s Awards

Keoghan’s ruffle-heavy Stella McCartney dress shirt transcends the boundaries of traditional dress, incorporating feminine features typically reserved for the fairer sex. This ‘fit leans on the fashion of yesteryear. Combine that with an extremely deep neckline and wide-leg pants and you’ve got one of Keoghan’s most daring red carpet appearances.

Barry Keoghan
Getty Images | Frazer Harrison

Givenchy green at the Academy Ball

It would appear that we were correct in our assumption that Keoghan will take any opportunity to get his guns out. This entirely olive green look, designed by Givenchy, came complete with pleated pants and provided Keoghan with the perfect opportunity to show off his enviable pipes.

Barry Keoghan
INSTAGRAM | @keoghan92

Fashionably off-theme at the 2023 Met Gala

The theme of the 2023 Met Gala was ‘Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty’. Most attendees opted for a black and white exterior or integrated diamonds into their outfits in honour of the former Chanel designer. Keoghan… went in a different direction. In a Burberry designed, tartan-print, black and blue suit, Keoghan may have missed the memo on the dress code, but he certainly stood out.

Barry Keoghan
INSTAGRAM | @keoghan92

A monochrome moment at the 2023 Golden Globes

Who doesn’t love a smattering of baby blue? In this Louis Vuitton suit, Keoghan embraced the monochromatic, topping it off with a loose tie which we have to assume was intentional and not the result of too many pints of Guinness at the pre-party.


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