Felix Mallard outside the Dior Summer 2025 menswear show in Paris. Photography: Rob Tennent

FELIX MALLARD is sitting in the make-up chair, having his face massaged and moisturised into a supple, shiny complexion by celebrity hair and make-up artist Candice Birns. On Birns’ palms is the Dior Sauvage Le Sérum, which, once applied, leaves Mallard’s skin looking perfectly hydrated. For front row-regulars like the young Aussie actor, the skincare portion of getting ready is often overlooked in favour of a fire fit (don’t worry, he’s got one of those too – a look from the recent Dior x Stone Island collaboration is about to arrive). But as a friend of Dior Beauty, the 26-year-old star understands the value of pre-event skin prep. And that extends beyond the face. 

“I was lucky enough to get a massage treatment at Dior Spa Cheval Blanc in Paris,” he tells us as we hang out in his hotel suite. “It was incredible. Such a great way to unwind and get centred before a big event.” 

Photography: Rob Tennent
Photography: Rob Tennent

The Dior menswear show is one of the biggest events on the men’s fashion calendar. And this year is no exception, with artistic director of Dior Men’s unveiling a collaboration with the South African artist-potter Hylton Nel.

“My favourite part of getting ready for an event like this is getting to hang with Candice, and taking the time to give my skin a little TLC,” says Mallard, as Birns moves onto his hair. “It’s reminiscent of 1970s Vivian Westwood, Malcolm McLaren, and the SEX store movement in the East End of London,” Birns tells us of her idea for Mallard’s ‘do. “I was inspired by the culture of the movement in music, art, and fashion at that time. I wanted to pay respect to that with his hair, giving it a little Sex Pistols energy.” 

Mallard’s invitation to the Dior Summer 2025 Menswear show. Photography: Rob Tennent
Dior Sauvage Elixir. Photography: Rob Tennent

“Candice has been doing my hair and skincare for years. I love travelling anywhere with her; she’s such a vibrant soul,” says Mallard. He extends his compliments to stylist Monty Jackson, who’s arranged the Dior x Stone Island fit. “He’s effortlessly cool and puts the most stunning outfits together.” 

Having acted from such a young age – Mallard burst onto the scene as rockstar Cooper James in the Harry Styles-produced TV series Happy Together, a role that was followed by his performance as love interest Marcus Baker in the wildly popular Netflix comedy-drama Ginny and Georgia – Mallard has spent his fair share of time in hair and make-up. But he doesn’t seem to get tired of the pampering, always finding a way to crack a joke and have fun with his team. 

When he’s dressed, he applies the all-important finishing touch: a spritz of Dior Sauvage Elixir. “It’s spicy and modern. It plays with masculinity while bringing an acute freshness that is perfect for exploring the cobbled streets of Paris.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Before we part, we ask Mallard for his favourite thing to do when visiting the City of Love. “You can find me outside the Pompidou Museum, with wine in hand and a mountain of Fromage to go with it.” 

See more snippets of Mallard’s getting ready regime, below. 

Photography by Rob Tennent for Dior Beauty
Videography by Luke Rance
Grooming by Candice Birns
Styling by Monty Jackson
Felix wears Dior Beauty and Dior.


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