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KIM KARDASHIAN has always had an eye for business. Although, with numerous beauty, fragrance and clothing brands thriving under her guidance, there’s one market Kardashian hasn’t yet tapped into: menswear. Until now, that is. Kardashian-founded shapewear brand Skims, originally launched in 2019 as a provider of exclusively women’s apparel, is branching into men’s products with a collection featuring briefs, boxers, undershirts, and leggings. And who could be better at fronting the new campaign than actual models? Beefed up, stripped down, instantly recognisable sports stars of course.

The faces of Skims’ first menswear collection are superstar footballer Neymar Jr, NBA all-star Shai Gilgeous Alexander, and NFL defensive player of the year Nick Bosa. Obviously, these guys value high quality apparel, but fronting an underwear campaign is an unexpected turn for all of them. Sure, we might catch a cursory glimpse of the athletes’ toned rigs during a sweaty workout video, or a mid-game jersey mishap, but we rarely see our sporting heroes ditch their kit entirely for a modelling shoot—David Beckham is the exception, not the rule in this case. Nevertheless, it’s hard to argue with the results.

INSTAGRAM | @skims

“The expansion into the menswear space is a major milestone for the brand, and a testament to Skims’ commitment to providing solutions for everybody,” said Kardashian, who serves as the brands’ creative director, in a statement. “I am incredibly excited about this next chapter for Skims and cannot wait for everyone to experience our amazing range of products.”

Skims has helped Kardashian fill her already brimming pockets even more. The private company was recently valued at a not exactly paltry sum of $6.3 billion AUD. The brand also recently expanded its capital, raising AUD $427 million in a round of fundraising earlier this year. Skims has ensured that, when the time comes, Kardashian will be able to retire from her glamourous life of constant media attention and never be strapped for cash, not that she couldn’t already comfortably do that, mind you.

Skims announced as official NBA underwear partner

Providing a helpful boon to the brand’s expansion into menswear is the announcement that Skims will become the official underwear partner for the NBA, WNBA and USA Basketball in a multiyear deal. “Together, Skims and the NBA will connect people of all backgrounds through fashion, sport, and talent, and I look forward to seeing the partnership thrive,” Kardashian said.

The partnership will see Skims products highlighted at marquee NBA events, such as All-Star weekend and the leagues new in-season tournament. Skims will also receive extensive media exposure from the deal, including on-court signage and content on the league’s social media platforms.

“The NBA’s modern approach and significant impact on pop culture, entertainment, and fashion is unparalleled in sports,” said Skims CEO Jens Grede. “Our partnership marks a remarkable opportunity for Skims and the NBA to work together on what it means to engage the next-generation of fans through basketball.”

“Skims has quickly become one of our most culturally-influential brands,” said NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.  “We look forward to bringing NBA fans and Skims users unique experiences, new offerings and premium products through our partnership.”

When will Skims’ men’s line be released?

Skims’ first line of menswear will be released on October 26th. That means that from this week, you’ll be seeing the collection plastered on storefront windows and snugly fitting the frames of mannequins.

Where can you buy Skims in Australia?

David Jones is the exclusive retailer for Skims in Australia, their new menswear collection can be purchased in David Jones locations across the country, or on the David Jones website, here: Skims menswear can also be purchased directly from the Skims website, here:

INSTAGRAM | @skims


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