Ryan Gosling
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IT MUST FEEL good to be Ryan Gosling right now. Just picture it: the luminosity of your stardom has never been greater; your sleek, bearded visage and sandy blonde hair are constantly splashed upon ingratiating articles much like this one; you’ve recently had a song crack the Billboard hot 100 and a blockbuster film smash the box office, you’re an Oscars darling—notwithstanding the snubbing of your co-star—earning nominations for acting and singing. And on top of all that, you’ve got your signature style down pat.

It seems that becoming Ken awakened something inside of Gosling, as his previous, La La Land-era red carpet attire was almost entirely comprised of plain suits in safe shades like black—unbefitting of a man whose fame, figure and finesse represents such unbridled sartorial potential. But throughout the reign of Barbie, the film’s many premieres, photocalls and subsequent awards ceremonies have provided Gosling with opportunities to deliver a fashion masterclass.

Menswear on the red carpet has taken a turn for the dramatic in recent years. A-listers are increasingly opting for more flair, pronounced extravagance and unabashed gaudiness—to varying levels of success. But Ryan Gosling’s red carpet style exists in something of a happy middle ground. Not too ostentatious but not too conventional, he shows us that slightly tamer styling, effective tonal dressing, and less of an emphasis on weirdness, can still work.

Ryan Gosling’s Best Outfits And Style Moments

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Baby blue and blue steel at the 2024 SAG Awards

One thing to know about Gosling is that the guy is, demonstratively, not a fan of ties. At the 2024 SAG Awards, Gosling broke out a baby blue Gucci suit and an expression that is straight-up blue steel out of Zoolander—or is he just straining to see someone in the distance? What we’re seeing here is a more recent evolution of Gosling’s wardrobe. Since the start of awards season, Gosling has been experimenting with piping details, a welcome addition on the lapels of his oft-pastel suits.

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Channelling Ken-ergy in Gucci pink at the Barbie world premiere

Pink was a colour we grew accustomed to seeing back when Barbie first came to cinemas in mid 2023. And if it wasn’t on flocks of cinema-goers, it was adorning the film’s stars like Gosling, who went full monochrome pink—barring some cream-coloured oxford shoes—for the world premiere. This entry to the list demonstrates a few Gosling staples you’re going to need to get used to: loosely buttoned shirts, pastels, and Gucci.

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Lovely in lilac at the 2024 Oscars nominees luncheon

More unbuttoned shirts, more pastels and more Gucci. We weren’t joking. Gosling knows what he likes, and who can blame him for sticking to a tried and tested formula? Besides the obvious lilac colouring, the other standout from this fit is the golden watch poking out from underneath Gosling’s sleeve. That’s an all-gold version of a vintage Carrera, and it’s the only of its kind in the entire world.


No signs of pink at the Barbie London premiere

We’re sensing a theme here. When London called, Gosling went for another pastel hue. Gosling’s recent reliance on pastels tells us a little more about who he is. Lesser men would shy away from colours many would consider feminine and unbecoming of the uber-macho, hyper-masculine Ken. But Ryan Gosling is anything but a lesser man. Also of note: those cream-coloured derbies are getting another spin.

Our only complaint? Not enough pink. It’s the Barbie premiere for crying out loud.

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Flashes of pink at Barbie‘s Canadian photocall

No, this isn’t the same suit as above, but it is a close match. This one leans more baby blue than turquoise. And of course, there’s the added touch of a pink shirt, one that is marginally more buttoned than its predecessors.

Ryan Gosling
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Piping hot at the 2024 BAFTAs

The piping returns! As we mentioned earlier, 2024 has heralded a change in Gosling’s wardrobe, with the introduction of piping details. This Gucci suit—the brand has become a Gosling signature—features maroon trimmings and is proof the actor isn’t afraid to flirt with some fun finishes.

Ryan Gosling
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Rancho relaxo at the 2024 Golden Globes

Gosling skipped the red carpet at this year’s Golden Globes. He attempted to sneak in without drawing too much attention from paparazzi, but the white piping detail on this dapper Gucci suit doesn’t scream inconspicuous. Throughout the night, Gosling’s shirt appeared to be even more unbuttoned than usual. Could the era of undoing the fourth button be upon us?

Ryan Gosling
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A marvel in maroon at the 2018 Venice Film Festival

As evidence that Gosling added colour to his red-carpet fits long before Barbie, we’re finishing on a more archival fit from the 2018 Venice Film Festival. This chocolate-hued number coupled with a vintage-inspired silk shirt has an element of high school history teacher to it, but we think Gosling pulled it off.


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