WHETHER YOU CONSIDER IT a prequel, spinoff, anthology or an addendum to the Game of Thrones universe, you can’t deny that House of the Dragon continues the story of its source material in an admirable fashion. Based on the book ‘Fire and Blood’ by George R.R. Martin, House of the Dragon is set nearly 200 years before the original GoT series and was one of the most-watched shows of 2022, averaging around 29 million viewers worldwide per episode.

Season one of House of the Dragon received rave reviews for diving deeper into Westeros’ history and the background of the Targaryen family, ultimately winning the Golden Globe for Best Television Series. Now, after a two-year wait, a second season is upon us. But despite the lengthy period of anticipation, House of the Dragon’s release has snuck up on many – at least partially due to some time difference-related confusion surrounding release dates.

Not to worry, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know before watching House of the Dragon season two, right here.

House of the Dragon season 2

When is House of the Dragon season 2 coming out in Australia?

The first episode of House of the Dragon season two will be released on June 16th at 9pm Eastern time (USA). This has caused some confusion for Australian viewers, because due to our position on the other side of the international date line, Australians won’t be able to see the premiere until a day later. Don’t get bogged down doing the time zone conversion math in your head though, we’ve already done it. In Australia, viewers can watch the first episode of House of the Dragon season two from 11am AEST on Monday, June 17th. Which has . . . already come to pass. Get watching!

After the premiere on June 17th, the other seven episodes in season two will appear weekly. See the full Australian release schedule below.

Episode 1 (season premiere): 11am, Monday, June 17th

Episode 2: 11am, Monday, June 24th

Episode 3: 11am, Monday, July 1st

Episode 4: 11am, Monday, July 8th

Episode 5: 11am, Monday, July 15th

Episode 6: 11am, Monday, July 22nd

Episode 7: 11am, Monday, July 29th

Episode 8 (season finale): 11am, Monday, August 5th

House of the Dragon season 2

Where can I watch House of the Dragon season 2 in Australia?

House of the Dragon season two is available to stream on Binge. In case you need a quick refresher to catch up on the world of Westeros before watching the new season, House of the Dragon season one and the entirety of Game of Thrones are also available to stream on Binge. You can sign up for a Binge subscription here.

What will House of the Dragon season 2 be about?

As you’d expect from a series set in the Game of Thrones universe, House of the Dragon season one was full of blood, guts, sex and glory. There’s no reason to expect anything different from season two. When season one wrapped up, the Hightowers and Targaryens (commonly referred to as the ‘greens’ and the ‘Blacks’, respectively) were set to come to blows in an all-out civil war. That conflict will likely form the bulk of season two’s timeline, with glimpses of a number of intense battles appearing in trailers.

Expect the children of Rhaenyra Targaryen and Alicent Hightower to have larger roles, as they become more important tools for wielding political power. If you’re only watching House of the Dragon for the actual winged beasts, be assured that season two will have plenty of new dragons. Writer Ryan Condal confirmed that the new season will have five new dragons.

You might expect a series that is based on a six year old book and exists within the lore-setting parameters of a prior seven-season show to not have much wiggle room in terms of how much it can change the central story. However, according to actor Tom Glynn-Carney, some previously unseen plot lines will shape season two. “The books are the foundation of where we’re going narratively, but things are tweaked,” he told Esquire US. “It’s the bible, but it’s also not.”

Will there be a season 3 for House of the Dragon?

Yes, it’s already been confirmed that House of the Dragon will receive a third season. The series was renewed for a second season immediately after its season one premiere. Now, HBO have gone one better, renewing the series for a third season before the second season has even premiered.

House of the dragon season 2


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