IT WAS LEGENDARY American writer and preeminent Esquire writer Ernest Hemingway who, in his 1964 memoir ‘A Moveable Feast’, advised his readers to “Never go on trips with anyone you do not love.” It’s a worthwhile mantra to apply when selecting your travelling companions, but we believe Hemingway’s words of wisdom can be extended to apply to anything you do not love. For the company you keep on your travels is not limited to living things, but also encompasses the tools that aid in your journey.

That’s a rather heavy burden to place on something like a suitcase – which, if all goes to plan, will serve a fairly smooth and straightforward purpose. But as any seasoned traveller will know, a suitcase is more than a container for the belongings you cram into it. A suitcase is an expression of who you are, and a reminder of the life you lead back home. But therein lies a serious conundrum.

No longer just an afterthought, luggage has emerged as an integral part of one’s personal style. Just as we carefully curate our wardrobes, we now seek luggage that complements our aesthetic sensibilities. But in the vast luggage market, few suitcases deliver everything they need to.

If you want a piece of luggage that not only maintains your personal style but suitably enhances it, you’ll likely need to compromise on quality and practicality to secure such an item. Likewise, if rugged dependability is what you’re after, be prepared to flaunt a blockish, plain suitcase performing the same duties that could be admirably carried out by a cardboard box if absolutely necessary – note: we still don’t recommend substituting a suitcase for a cardboard box, they tend to fall apart under strain fairly quickly.

Clearly, the luggage market has been lacking in an important aspect. Luckily, two titans in their respective industries, BOSS and Samsonite, have joined forces to deliver the solution: a capsule collection of suitcases that seamlessly merges fashion-forward thinking with uncompromising functionality.

BOSS and Samsonite’s newly launched and co-created capsule luggage collection, comprising a cabin size, two check in suitcases and a trunk, sits at the intersection where elegant form and reliable function crossover. The suitcases in the collection are made of high-quality aluminium, with a graphite-coloured exterior embedded with an anodized BOSS monogram pattern. This durable exterior is rivalled in quality only by the suitcases’ spacious interior compartments, complete with soft-textured interior linings and featuring BOSS’ iconic camel colour palette and branding.

What sets the collaboration apart is its attention to detail. Every aspect of the collection’s design, from the choice of materials to the placement of subtle compositional elements, contributes to a tailored aesthetic. This sartorial look is completed by co-branded leather handles featuring the logos of both BOSS and Samsonite, which stand out as marks of quality.

The collaboration between BOSS and Samsonite is fitting. Both brands strive for unparalleled quality and have achieved as much in their fields. The result of their meeting of the minds is an innovation in travel we can only hope will have a rippling effect across the industry. By merging BOSS’ elegance with Samsonite’s dependability, the collection sets a new standard for travel accessories. It’s no longer just about getting from point A to point B – it’s about doing so in style.

The BOSS | Samsonite collection is available in limited edition at selected BOSS, Samsonite retail partner stores and on the brands’ websites.


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