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THERE’S ONLY ONE Hotel Clicquot in the world. And this October, it’s returning to Noosa for another two-week sojourn that promises glamour, good food and, naturally, all the Clicquot your heart could desire. A culinary tour de force, the lavish hotel offers a series of unique dining experiences crafted by some of the nation’s premier chefs. Here, guests can immerse themselves in the world of Veuve Clicquot, and the Maison’s sparkling optimism. 

For those unacquainted with Hotel Clicquot’s combination of effortless luxury and seaside vibes, allow us to pour you a glass of enlightenment. Picture this: Clicquot’s signature opulent yellow design draped over every surface, retro-inspired architecture, and sweeping ocean views, paired with innovative, eco-friendly construction and solar-powered rooms. Hotel Clicquot is a seamless blend of elegance and sustainability. As mentioned, there’s bound to be enough champagne to sink a sturdy ship, as bubbles are treated as the elixir of life at Hotel Clicquot.

Hotel Clicquot | James Vodicka

The highlight of Hotel Clicquot, however, is not the palatial setting, but the dining experiences on offer. Hotel Clicquot will feature a selection of epicurean delights that promise to be more masterpiece than meal, crafted by Australia’s finest chefs. 

Among the star-studded lineup of world class chefs is Sergio Perera, whose experience in some of the world’s best eateries has helped him build a career as a private chef for actors, entertainers, athletes, royalty and politicians—with Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, among his many noteworthy clients. Perera will be treating guests to a lesson in sustainable culinary luxury at Hotel Clicquot, and recently, he caught up with Esquire to detail his philosophy on nutrition, his passion for cooking, and of course, an insight into how he helps A-listers chisel out ripped physiques.

Perera grew up in Spain, where a childhood surrounded by a household of chefs served as inspiration for his interest in cooking, gastronomy, and the connection between family, culture, and food. “Every meal was an experience,” Perera says. “My family made their own olive oil and red wine, we foraged, and we had relationships with our butchers, farmers and fish mongers.” These were experiences that, Perera says, “were the catalysts for inspirational cooking and my curiosity of what other families and cultures do to connect with each other and earth.”

Sergio Perera

Perera’s culinary expertise has taken him across the globe in a career spanning multiple countries. From stints in Spain’s Arzak and Mugaritz, which have both consistently been ranked among the world’s best restaurants, to visits to Japan, where he was introduced to the elegant seasonal principles of kaiseki. Perera’s experiences will come to a head at Hotel Clicquot, where he will be treating guests to a masterclass on the intersection between culinary luxury and sustainable practices.

Sustainability has always been a key aspect of Perera’s philosophy, and today, more chefs are following his lead. “Sustainability has evolved in multiple directions, with more and more creatives taking charge to not only create wonderful experiences but to protect and nourish our environment,” Perera says. “Sustainability in food is absolutely necessary in growing, producing, feeding and utilising every bit of product that we source.”

For Perera, sustainable cooking means utilising whole butchery and savouring what most would discard, “closing the loop and using as much as possible of the ingredients, the way we used to, the way it’s always been done,” as he puts it. That’s something Perera considers part of his responsibility as a chef. “We have to educate and show others how to be sustainable.”

At Hotel Clicquot, Perera’s emphasis on sustainability will manifest in the form of a seafood dining experience, utilising every part of the precious ingredients our oceans have to offer. That experience, a dinner, will be paired with Veuve Clicquot’s Rosé and Rich champagne, which Perera describes as “refined and exquisite with tones of freshness and crisp aromas, pairing beautifully with seafood or meat.”

Hotel Cilcquot | James Vodicka
Hotel Clicquot | James Vodicka

Perera’s philosophy on food and its impacts is evocative. “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are,” he says. With that in mind, Perera believes that “good cooking comes from the heart” and that high-quality, fresh ingredients are the key to unlocking the secrets of a wholesome, nutritious diet.

Now, we couldn’t speak to Perera and not ask him to spill on the secrets to Chris Hemsworth’s covetable physique. After all, Perera’s nutritional expertise and culinary skills are, at the very least, partially to thank for carving out Hemsworth’s big, buff rig. Sergio says the secret to keeping Hemsworth fit is simple really, with a focus on staying fresh, avoiding packaged ingredients, and hitting all the food groups. 

“You really are what you eat, and Chris is one of the best examples. He has always been devoted to keeping his body, mind and spirit in check.”

In a world where chasing time has become the norm, the beauty of Hotel Clicquot is living in the moment. The luxurious experience unabashedly declares that life is best enjoyed when you have nowhere to be and nothing to do—beyond lounging poolside with a glass of champagne in hand, and a world-class chef like Sergio Perera crafting your next meal. Indulge yourself at Hotel Clicquot, and raise a glass.

Hotel Clicquot will return for a limited time from October 13-28. Two and three night stays are available to book now. Find out more here:

Hotel Clicquot | James Vodicka


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