Peugeot Ovolo Hotels

WHEN YOU’RE STAYING in a luxury hotel, there are a few perks you come to expect. Free wi-fi is a non-negotiable. A well-stocked minibar is a must. Access to some top-class gym facilities is a bonus. And a decent heated pool certainly adds to the experience. But what about access to a luxury, sustainable hybrid vehicle? Now we’re talking.

Not every hotel will just hand you the keys to one of Peugeot’s most innovative cars, but Ovolo Woolloomooloo isn’t just another hotel. For a limited time, Ovolo guests can enjoy a complimentary four-hour drive in a Peugeot 408 during their stays when they book directly at, so they can explore Sydney in sustainable style.


Ovolo’s collaboration with Peugeot is a win for all parties involved; the brands and obviously, the guests. “Partnering with Peugeot to offer our guests an unparalleled driving experience during their stay is a masterstroke,” said Toby Franklin, Ovolo Hotels’ Senior Marketing Manager. “The Peugeot 408 is the perfect companion for their Sydney adventures and aligns with Ovolo’s commitments to build a better world through our ‘Do Good. Feel Good.’ initiative.”

Like we said, Ovolo Woolloomooloo isn’t just any hotel. Likewise, the Peugeot 408 isn’t just any car. Power is central to the 408, a plug-in fastback hybrid. Drivers have the power to switch between an all-electric mode with a 60km range for carving up urban alleyways, and a combustion engine for when you hit the open road. No matter which you prefer, the 408 will give you the necessary power, with an 81kW electric motor, 360Nm of torque, and 165kW of power from a 132kW PureTech engine.

On the interior, the 408 is similarly innovative. Featuring the latest generation of Peugeot’s i-Cockpit, the driver’s hub includes a compact steering wheel, a large touchscreen and a heads up display, where the emphasis is on quality and dependable connectivity.


All of this makes the 408 the ideal companion for an exploration of the harbour city according to Kate Gillis, the Managing Director of Peugeot Australia. “The Peugeot 408’s unique feline posture, modern elegance and high-end quality makes it the dream vehicle to accompany guests on their Sydney escapades,” said Gillis.

Ovolo’s efforts to provide you with the means for a perfect exploration of Sydney don’t stop there. Guests who are low on inspiration on places to visit in Sydney can head to for a purpose-built Peugeot x Ovolo itinerary. It’s in this itinerary that you’ll find a curated assortment of Sydney’s best attractions and culinary experiences.

There are many factors that will decide where you book your next hotel stay. Amenities, quality of rooms, dining options and location will all likely play into any final decisions – be assured that Ovolo Woolloomooloo has all of those too, despite the fact that we’ve focused almost exclusively on the vehicular benefits. But for the discerning traveller who wants to make the most of his perks and has an eye for exploration, the choice in hotel is clear.



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