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TRANSCENDING the rise and fall of the #menswear era, there are a handful of Australian tailoring brands set on reigniting the lost passion of suiting… and it’s making a triumphant comeback. Melbourne, Australia’s suiting capital, is rightfully leading the way with skilled, charismatic and adventurous suiting solutions that won’t have you looking like a corporate zombie.   

So, whether you’re in need of a brand-new suit for your best mate’s wedding or an overcoat for the winter, the editors of Esquire have put together a little black book of tried and tested men’s tailoring brands threading goodness onto the shoulders of men young and old, for every price tag and every occasion. 


1 | P. Johnson

P.Johnson model



Since 2009, Patrick Johnson has slowly but surely established a true menswear identity in Australia, an identity that is now celebrated globally. Through the unwavering passion for designing (and wearing) beautiful clothing, P.Johnson has since become purveyors of a relaxed suiting silhouette that is soft and elegant, stylish and beautiful – and equally “Australian”.

More than just a “suit shop”, a visit to one of P.Johnson’s two Melbourne locations will reveal a consortium of made-to-measure and ready-to-wear clothing and artisanal goods made to contribute to the notion of ‘a life well lived’. 

Suiting from $1,195;


2 | Oscar Hunt

Oscar Hunt model



Discreetly tucked away above Melbourne’s iconic Hardware Lane lies Oscar Hunt’s flagship showroom. Realising there was a gap in the Australian market, the founders at Oscar Hunt opened their business in 2013 and quickly capitalised on crafting well-made tailored suits that carried all the hallmarks of tailoring tradition but without the steep price tag. 

Today, Oscar Hunt is part of the formalwear lexicon, not only in Melbourne but around Australia. Thanks to its no fuss, easy-going approach to tailoring, it’s also a very approachable showroom to visit. As many of us know, the appeal this brings can’t be underestimated.

Suiting from $999;


3 | Trunk Tailors

Trunk Tailors showroom



People often mistake made-to-measure services for bespoke; while the former is still unique, it’s essentially crafted from an existing suit pattern with basic measurements needed from the wearer. With bespoke suiting, a trained tailor is drawing a unique pattern by hand and crafting the suit from scratch – a suit made
solely for you. While the process is a little lengthier than your average made-to-measure service — and a touch more expensive — it’s worth its weight in gold.

So then, it should be no surprise just how valuable the service offerings are at Trunk Tailors. One of few bespoke suiting options left available in Melbourne — or Australia for that matter — Trunk Tailors, led by its founder Jack Liang, offers exceptional suiting and formal garments made with integrity and for longevity. Conveniently located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, Liang and his team will guide you through a personal consultation to arrive at the perfect garment for whatever your needs might be; weddings, work, travel and more. 

Suiting from $1,650;


4 | Tomba 

Thomas Cattapan of Tomb



One of the newest men’s tailoring offerings in Melbourne, Tomba is the brainchild of Thomas Cattapan, a made-to-measure specialist who has worked with some of the country’s best tailors, and is focused on bringing an “approachable, benevolent, and optimistic attitude” to men’s tailoring. 

Let Cattapan guide you through an informal but fun suit fitting, where he will offer his expertise to perfect your ultimate garment. Of course, Tomba stands out from the pack with a unique aesthetic that is easy-wearing: think traditional Italian style — lightweight and light-hearted suiting — with a gentle flow and structure. 

Suiting from $1,100;


5 | The Bespoke Corner

The Bespoke Corner studio



Favoured among the most astute suit enthusiasts in Australia, The Bespoke Corner has, pardon the pun, cornered the top-end of the market thanks to its approach to bold, luxurious and well-made suiting and menswear garments. 

With an extensive history in menswear, the founders of The Bespoke Corner believe in quality over quantity, working only with the best fabrics from the best suppliers and ateliers in the world. They offer bespoke tailoring in addition to a made-to-measure service, and the result is always a beautiful, hand-crafted garment that will be cherished for years to come.

Suiting from $1,200;


6 | American Tailors

American Tailors suiting



Established in 1950, American Tailors offers another one of the last remaining ‘bespoke’ tailoring services in Melbourne. A permanent fixture on Bourke Street, Melbourne — right next to iconic Italian pasta bar Pellegrini’s — American Tailors has long been committed to the heritage of fine European craftsmanship and hand-tailoring. 

As you walk through the no-fuss shop front, owners and master tailors Tony Raneri and Sebastian Giacobello will greet you with a jovial smile and perhaps share a story or two about the ‘glory days’ of tailoring. American Tailors has suited up some of the world’s most notable figures, from former prime ministers to Sir Anthony Hopkins — and even Pierce Brosnan, aka James Bond himself — so you know you’re in good hands.

Suiting from N/A;


7 | InStitchu 

Institchu model



Fit, quality and value: these are the three pillars that guide InStitchu, a new-age suiting offering for men. Founded in 2012, InStitchu has built a reputation for its digitally-led business model that offers the services of tailoring traditions with a modern, digital-first retail edge that allows you, the customer, to essentially design your very own custom, made-to-measure suit and shirts from the comfort of your home, or in person at one of the dedicated showrooms in Melbourne.

Suiting from $699;


8 | The Cloakroom

The Cloakroom suiting



Founded in 2007 and with stores in Melbourne, Brisbane, Montreal, and Tokyo, The Cloakroom forged a reputation early in the menswear era for developing a house style of classic meets contemporary tailoring, with a clear emphasis on craftsmanship. This becomes evident the moment you reach level 46 of its Southbank location. But don’t be too distracted by its panoramic city views. While impressive, the made-to-measure and bespoke offerings — each crafted in China or Japan — are the real attraction here. With an unprecedented level of attention to detail, craftsmanship and fine finishings, The Cloakroom never misses a beat. 

Suiting from $1,795;



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