All images courtesy of Cos

IT WAS during the last gasp of New York Fashion Week that Cos unveiled its autumn/winter 2023 collection. Usually, by this point in time, the fashion set is flagging, bleary-eyed from a week of running from Downtown to Uptown and, God forbid, deep Brooklyn. But on the evening of Cos’ show, the mood was palpably high. Editors, models and celebrities—Curtis Harding, Suki Waterhouse and Evan Mock were just a few of the VIPs—gathered on the deck of the iconic Manhattan Classic Car Club, with the sunset soaking the atmosphere in a wash of golden light.

To call the scene picturesque would be, perhaps, the biggest understatement of all time. Admittedly, we were a little hesitant to peel ourselves away from the splendour, but then the runway show started and we were transported to a whole new world.

Weaving their way around a set of galvanised steel curves, a cast of models strode down the runway in a collection of looks that felt at once timeless yet inherently modern. The dialogue between masculine and feminine codes felt most compelling—women and men alike wore black neck ties with languid suits and trench coats while elongated silhouettes were designed for day-to-night dressing. Call it business-casual with an impossibly cool twist.

Black was the grounding force here, but a palette of warm, neutral tones and nature-inspired prints transpired as the collection progressed. Cos’ proclivity for a pop of colour was also on show, with a brilliant blue story adding intrigue to a sophisticated line-up. Layered over a crisp white shirt and black tie, a sporty parka in royal blue was among our favourite looks. We can imagine wearing it on a New York evening some degrees cooler than this one, as we dart from the subway to a fancy black tie event.

For quite some time, sustainability has played a major role in everything Cos does, and this season saw the brand push its commitments even further, with over 92 percent of the collection made from ethically sourced materials including Good Cashmere Standard-certified (GCS) cashmere, which has been used to craft the collection’s knitwear, which came to life in chunky sweaters, superfine hoods and wraparound scarves—the kind you’ll wear all winter.

But as Cos collections tend to go, it was the minimalist silhouettes that captured our imagination the most. Cos cuts its shirts and tailors its pants impeccably well, and while a monochrome suit from any other brand may seem like a fairly mundane prospect, in Cos’ capable hands, it can be the most desirable look in the room.

We were reminded of this as the models completed their final lap of the room. They radiated with the type of confidence that comes from wearing something that truly fits, and truly feels good. Which, come to think of it, is what we’re all searching for. Thankfully, we can always find it at Cos.


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