The Louis Vuitton Men’s Pre-Fall 2024 campaign. Photography: courtesy of Louis Vuitton

HAWAII TO HONG KONG might not be the most well-trodden travel route. Separated by the North Pacific Ocean, with over 9000 kilometres between them, the two destinations aren’t just geographically disparate — one is characterised by its laidback surf and skate culture, while the other is a hive of economic activity. But last December, Pharrell Williams brought the Asian port and island nation together by way of his Men’s Pre-Fall 2024 show, which took place along the Avenue of Stars on Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour. It was a glittering spectacle of global connectedness and star power. And now, that Pre-Fall collection is landing in Louis Vuitton’s Australian stores. 

If Pharrell’s first collection for the French luxury house was an exploration of Louis Vuitton’s codes, as well as those that have inspired his own style journey — short suits, hats, that dandy-inspired aesthetic — this Pre-Fall collection sees the Creative Director distil those codes into three nautical-inspired personas: the sailer, the fisherman and the surfer. Three characters whose life revolves around the ocean, they are also united by their reliance on “the nocturnal counterpart to the sun”, more commonly known as the moon. 

“It is the Earth’s wave-maker and a source of light and guidance across the globe,” explain the notes that accompany this collection. 

An embroidered bomber jacket from the Pre-Fall 2024 collection. Photography: courtesy of Louis Vuitton.
“The dandy silhouette takes shape in the image of the sailor’s uniform,” says Pharrell of the collection. Photography: courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

Perhaps the most ‘Pharrell’ of these three personas is the sailor. A sailor’s uniform is a functional example of the dandy silhouette, combining maritime stripes and double-breasted suits with flared trousers or shorts. Bringing the iconic uniform into the modern-day lexicon — where unique details are a form of cultural currency — is a shell-embroidered varsity jacket with a sailor collar that zips into a hoodie, while pearl buttons feature on pea and double-breasted naval coats. For something slightly more casual yet nonetheless nautical, there are sweats trimmed with ‘ship rope’, and soft suiting in baby blue chambray. 

“The surfer wardrobe materialises as scuba suits adorned with beaded logos.” Photography: courtesy of Louis Vuitton.
Hawaiian shirts in floral motifs are a highlight of the collection.

The fisherman, meanwhile, brings great texture to the collection. He ushers in jacquard suits and shorts, a mixed-material leather jacket as well as indigo and washed-black workwear — perfect for hooking a marlin in Hawaii, or wearing to lunch in Hong Kong. A print called ‘Neptune’ nods to the name of Pharrell’s early musical outfit — it appears in a pattern inspired by floral Hawaiian shirts, as well as a denim bomber jacket embellished with pearls and crystals. According to Pharrell, the bomber forms a wink to the lakes and fishermen of his home state of Virginia. 

The wardrobe of Louis Vuitton’s Pre-Fall surfer, meanwhile, comes to life via “scuba suits adorned with beaded logos, linen tailoring and tropical floral prints with motifs of surfers”. Naturally, these aren’t any old hibiscus prints, but remixed versions of Hawaiian landscapes in a fun rainbow of colours. 

Searching for swell. Photography: courtesy of Louis Vuitton

Rather than feeling like a costume — we must reinforce that this is highly wearable luxury — the idea behind this collection (and everything Pharrell creates, for that matter) is that it contains the power to shift your state of mind. 

“Clothes are energy-conveyers: a garment associated with the nature-centric, bohemian lifestyle of surfing has the power to create the energy of the beaches of Hawaii for a wearer in the urban environment of Hong Kong SAR,” says the creative director of the collection. 

Not only does every garment in this collection look wildly cool, wearing it is also the fastest way to travel across the Pacific Ocean, along that unconventional yet inspiring route. 

The Louis Vuitton Men’s Pre-Fall 2024 Collection by Pharrell Williams is currently available to purchase online, and in Louis Vuitton’s Australian boutiques


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