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THERE’S AN ART to crafting the perfect tattoo, and let’s be honest—few have mastered it. Whether it’s a meaningful piece that holds untold importance, or a late-night impulse buy that you regret for the rest of your days, it cannot be denied that tattoos are an artform—and every tattoo has a story behind it.

The thing about getting inked is that it’s a commitment. Unless you want to spend a hefty sum getting it removed, a tattoo is with you for life, whether you like it or not. Celebrities like tats as much as the rest of us, and over the years, A-listers have revealed body art that absolutely no one saw coming.

Today, we’re not looking for the good or the bad—we’re looking at the tattoos you’d never expect a celebrity to have. So, from the fashionably questionable to the downright outrageous, here’s some of the celeb ink that made our jaws drop.

What are the most unexpected celebrity tattoos?

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Nick Kyrgios

Tennis bad boy Nick Kyrgios recently shared some fresh ink on social media. The mercurial Aussie talent is known for his unpredictable playing style, and few could have predicted his latest off-court stunt.

Kyrgios revealed a gigantic Pokémon tattoo that covers his entire back. Justifying the decision, Kyrgios said “I love Pokémon, bro. It’s a big part of my life. I still play it pretty much every day.” Well, we guess a tattoo’s importance to its owner is really all that matters. Good on ya, Nick.

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Tom Holland

Tom Holland is one of the most recognisable actors in Hollywood right now, but back when the Englishman first landed the starring role in Marvel’s Spider-Man films, he treated himself to some celebratory ink to commemorate nabbing the gig.

Holland revealed he has a spider tattooed on the bottom of his foot back in 2018 during a press tour for Spider-Man Homecoming—and couldn’t help but admit that it “hurt so much.”

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Ed Sheeran

Given his soft voice and mild mannered nature, you might not expect Ed Sheeran to be the type of guy to cover himself in tattoos. But you’d be horribly wrong.

In total, Sheeran has 62 tattoos across his body, which have become increasingly vibrant over the years. The foremost of which is a large tat of a lion’s face on his chest, which he got in 2015 to celebrate selling out London’s Wembley Stadium. The connection between selling out a concert and a lion remain uncertain, but to each their own!

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Chris Evans

To the delight of his fans, Chris Evans is a man who has often appeared shirtless throughout his acting career. So you may be wondering how you missed the fact that he has a handful of tats across his chest and torso.

Evans’ tats are mostly new additions, which were only revealed when the actor shared a video of himself diving into his pool on social media (we’re sure you’ll forgive us for the grainy quality).

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Not all celebrity tattoos are created equal. And as is the case of T-Pain’s Facebook themed tat, many are borne out of impulse.

“I get a tatt every time I come to Hawaii,” T-Pain tweeted. “I think this ones pretty sweet, unless Facebook shuts down soon.” We hate to break it to you T-Pain, but Facebook goes by Meta nowadays.

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Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner is a known ink-enthusiast, with a few well-hidden, stylish tattoos that are hard to notice unless you know where to look. But none are more difficult to spot than the word ‘Meow’ tattooed on her inner lip.

Jenner was initially tight-lipped about the reasoning behind her tattoo, but eventually revealed that some slight inebriation played a role. In her own words: “I was drunk.”



Moby dominated the dance scene in the early 2000s, and has always been a staunch animal rights activist (clearly). He recently celebrated 32 years of veganism by getting ‘animal’ and ‘rights’ tattooed on his arms. It’s worth noting that he also has ‘vegan for life’ tattooed on his neck. Evidently, the guy is serious about the cause.

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Steve-O has made a habit of pushing the boundaries of what’s socially acceptable in comedy. We’d have to say getting your own face inked across your back meets the requirements of Steve-O’s trademark brand of outrageous humour and it certainly got a few laughs when it was first revealed—not that we recommend getting similar body art.


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