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INTERIOR DESIGN can be incredibly intimidating, especially with the rise of platforms like TikTok, and the unprecedented access we have into the homes of, well, everyone.

It’s also intimidating because just like the fashion world, interior design is subject to the whims of an increasingly sped up trend cycle, and a new appetite for interior design has been bubbling like crazy over the last few years.

So to slow it all down a little, and help you hop off that Ferris wheel of overwhelming choices, we’ve broken down some of the more timeless interior trends that will be dominating homes and feeds over the next nine-or-so months (eek).

From a new spin on western interiors to embracing metallics beyond the kitchen sink, this is the pièce de résistance of interior inspiration. Especially in this cost-of-living era, where every decision in our home should be a long term one.

But what’s falling by the wayside? It’s safe to say the ivory boucle trend has reached saturation point, as have fake fur throws. We can also wave goodbye to fast furniture – unsurprising given that more often than not, it just ends up discarded on a kerb.

Your home should be a myriad of references you’ve fallen in love with, because when design is personalised, it’s timeless. But if you’re looking for a little inspiration from everything that’s new – we’re here to help. Below, the top interior design trends to know in 2024.

Jellyfish Decor

INSTAGRAM | @grahamatkinshughes

This year, while comfort and softness are still key, there’s also a pull to a lighter, brighter look. The jellyfish is the epitome of that style, according to the 2024 Pinterest Predicts report: it has a dreamy, otherworldly feel that combines the organic with y2k.

“From home decor to couture to beauty ideas, a whole mood will bubble up in 2024 inspired by your favourite invertebrate: jellyfish,” the report reads. “Gen Z and Millennials are driving this squishy aesthetic.”

Take your cues from the sea jelly’s colour, shape, and texture, using anything from soft pastels to neon brights, with a backdrop of soft watercolour walls juxtaposed with accessories in striking hues.


INSTAGRAM | @isernserra

Not only have searches for ‘aluminium furniture’ increased by 45 per cent this year, but those for ‘aluminium door design’ have also increased by 70 per cent, too – so expect to see metallics slowly making their way outside of the kitchen sink and across other interior elements.

“Silver tones and bold chromes are resonating right now. Metallics will enter the mainstream in 2024 as Gen Z and Millennials trade in their trusty neutrals for something a bit more hardcore,” Pinterest’s 2024 report reveals.

Retro ‘kitschens’

INSTAGRAM | @capietra

If the name doesn’t give it away, the ‘kitschens’ trend is all about about channeling a ‘kitsch’ aesthetic in the kitchen. Embracing retro colours and playful design, kitchens in 2024 are predicted to be rooms full of character.

“In 2024 we’re going to say goodbye to farmhouse kitchens, and hello to kitschy kitchens, or what we like to call kitschens. Next year, Gen X and Boomers, in particular, will elevate their kitchen designs and cooking areas with thrifted finds, vintage appliances, and eye-jarring pops of paint, as they are looking for ‘eclectic kitchen decor’, ‘kitschy kitchens’, ‘retro pink kitchens’ and more,” says Sydney Stanback, Global Trends and Insights Lead at Pinterest.

To get this look, decorate with classic patterns like ginghams and floral prints, and embrace shades of pink and green. Lean into vintage with statement pieces like the ever-popular, 1950s-inspired Smeg fridges.

Western gothic

INSTAGRAM | @molliemakesitpretty

Nods to Western design will continue to be embraced in home decor in 2024 but with a revised twist with gothic influences. “It’s a mix of the Western elements of vintage Americana with deep, moody hues,” explains Sydney. “Expect to see Gen Z and Boomers DIY in style with sultry touches, such as dark fringe and even darker paint. Searches are trending up for ‘Western bedding ideas’, ‘country room ideas’, ‘western gothic’, and more.”

To get this look, use black as your main colour and then accessorise with softer shades, such as greys, beiges, or bruised blues. Then incorporate natural elements, such as wooden shelving, rattan baskets or jute rugs, to develop the country aesthetic.


INSTAGRAM | @climadoor

Cafe culture is making its way into the home via Cafecore, according to Pinterest. Think dedicated kitchens nooks for coffee bar essentials. Chic silver coffee machines, styled on dark wood consoles next to jars of condiments – its 2024’s version of a bar cart.

“In 2024 we see that Boomers and Gen X will bring the coffee shop vibe inside their homes with our ‘Cafecore’ trend,” says Sydney. “This trend is so much more than just a coffee-maker or French press, people are trying to create a full cafe experience within their homes. They are looking for in-home cafe menus by searching for ‘cafe chalkboard’ ideas, and perfecting their coffee stations by searching for ‘coffee station decor’ to ‘coffee bar styling.’”

Repurposing materials

INSTAGRAM | @anniesloanhome

The home decor industry is finding inspiration for new furnishings in the recycling boom. Large furniture companies and smaller studios are either repurposing their own production waste, or sourcing discards and leftover materials to make new goods.

This movement is all about being kind to the planet and reusing materials instead of sending them to the landfill. Think tablecloths made from fabric scraps, home items repurposed for new uses, and everything up-cycled.

Tropic like it’s hot

INSTAGRAM | @jasesullivan

If a vacation vibe is more your aesthetic, this might be the trend for you. Think seashells, wicker, palm, and hibiscus prints to bring out a tropical flair in the home: it’s a laid-back atmosphere reminiscent of your last beach vacation.

“It’s time to get lost at sea. In 2024, your favourite foods, home décor trends and fashion finds will get the tropical treatment. Boomers and Gen Z are driving this escapist aesthetic, complete with hibiscus prints, tasty mocktails and hot, hot, hot pink. Bring on the sunscreen-scented nostalgia.”

To get this look, invest in sea shell candles for your bathroom or dining room table, and finish the look with a palm-leaf lamp.


INSTAGRAM | @the_aquascaping_ryno

Think animal prints, but take it under the sea: Aquatecture will see murky tones and deep blues bring a depth of texture into the home. Fish tanks will be taken to the next level with intricate aquarium designs and unique aquatic animals a centre of focus.

“[This] year, Gen X and Millennials will become undersea gardeners through building and incorporating these over-the-top aquarium designs in their homes. They will go all in on ‘small aquarium designs’ and over-the-top ‘turtle terrariums’. With this trend, aquatic architecture will become a new and unique way to style a home.”


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