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WRAPPED SEASON is back folks, allowing Spotify users to show off their most listened-to artists, songs and genres, and likely their main character anthems, throughout 2023.

Spotify’s 574 million users, including 226 million subscribers in more than 184 regions, have been awaiting the imminent exposure of what caught their musical ears, from catchy T-Swift chart-toppers to a favourite guilty pleasure, which we’d rather keep private. Either way, the latest version of Spotify Wrapped has finally dropped, and it’s time to dive in and enjoy all the musical and podcasting trends that have made us sing and preach about in 2023.

Which Artists had Australians hooked this 2023

With a surprise that will surely shock no one, the current top dog in the music world, Taylor Swift, has again taken number one as Australia’s most-streamed artist. Even if you aren’t a die-hard ‘Swiftie’, spending hours trying to secure elusive Australian tour tickets—you can’t dispute that her music doesn’t have range. You can dance, cry or pensively listen during your dreary morning commute en solitude.

For comparison’s sake, Swift edged out another musical icon Bad Bunny to claim the number-one spot in 2023. This feat makes her the most-streamed female artist on the platform since Spotify began collating data.

Aussies again showed their love for rap favourite Drake, who continued to wow audiences with his ability to keep giving the people prime Drizzy. RnB/soul artist The Weeknd, no stranger to global stardom, felt the country’s love after dropping more music throughout 2023 with the release of his ‘The Idol Vol. 1‘. Both artists joining Taylor, rounding out Australia’s top three most streamed artists in 2023, with timeless classics lathered across all three of these artists’ discography, it’s easy to see why we kept coming back for more.

Continuing to support homegrown talent, The Kid LAROI, The Wiggles, Vance Joy and Flume also locked themselves down as Australia’s most streamed local artists. Kings of Rock AC/DC also made an appearance as fifth on the list. And proving no matter what new music or popping artist hits our airwaves, Aussies still love throwing on a little Acca Dacca.

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Which songs were Australians streaming on repeat?

Miley Cyrus takes the cake with the song ‘Flowers’ as the top-streamed track in Australia, taken from her eighth studio album, Endless Summer Vacation (2023).

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Country also became the new ‘It’ genre this year. As Morgan Wallen pioneered Australia’s second most streamed song, ‘Last Night’, which had Australians channelling their inner cowboy/ cowgirl alter ego.

You couldn’t escape SZA this year, one of the world’s most popular artists who seems to be riding a musical high after the success of her album ‘SOS’ (2022), with Australians continuing to stream the album hit song ‘Kill Bill‘, claiming third spot in our most streamed tracks.

PinkPanther’s iconic ‘Boy’s a Liar Pt.2′ with American female rapper Ice Spice and PinkPanther’s own Victoria Beverly saw the powerhouse duo also get a mention in the Australian Spotify wrapped top songs. An iconic tune that places itself as a new front-runner for collaboration of the century.

Harry Styles rounded out Australia’s top five most streamed songs with ‘As It Was’ (2022), proving Australians will always have a soft spot for the British superstar.

Most streamed podcasts

Over music? Throw on a podcast, have a laugh, a cry, or try to learn something new.

Podcasting has become the new sought-after media platform that allows fans to zone out and tune in. Exercising, driving or just pottering around the house is now commonly done to the voice of one’s favourite podcaster.

Australia’s most popular podcast was The Joe Rogan Experience, which also finished at the top of global rankings, proving a significant demographic of people still get a kick out of Rogan’s informal setup partnered with wacky and exciting guests.

Trailing closely behind, Alex Cooper’s ‘Call Her Daddy’, Andrew Huberman’s ‘Huberman Lab’, and Australia’s very own thrilling ‘Casefile True Crime’ all placed in Australian podcast rankings.

The locally-produced comedy podcast, ‘The Inspired Unemployed,’ rounded out the top five streamed podcasts. Narrated by Aussie lads Jack Steele and Matt Ford as they delve into their hilarious travel tales, failed relationship anecdotes and life advice. More recently, they deep dive into their new Paramount comedy series ‘Inspired Unemployed (Impractical) Jokers‘.

How to access your Spotify Wrapped

Keen to see how your taste in music and/ or podcasting ranks with fellow Aussies?

Opening the latest version of the app will likely lead users to Spotify Wrapped directly once it’s out. But don’t panic if it doesn’t: Spotify users on desktop and mobile simply need to type in “Wrapped” in the search bar or find Spotify’s Wrapped button on the home page. Sit back and time travel through a year that was your Spotify.


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